Living Large in the World

Long ago, I used to be fairly against Microsoft. I felt like they had an unfair monopoly going on (seems like I wasn't the only one thinking that). But now I'm more mature and I realize - it's a company making money, isn't that what they are supposed to do? They may have jumped in and not really given other companies a chance to do what they did, but why wouldn't they try to do that to be a successful company?
More importantly...
Bill Gates, and his wife, are doing A-M-AZ-ING things with the money that they have, thanks to their very successful company. They've just done so much....I have strong doubts that if other companies would have been in on this computer software stuff that they would have given up so much of their profits to help the rest of the ENTIRE WORLD, the way that Bill Gates has done. It's just phenomenol when you look at the numbers...and know that I am no expert on the life and times of the Gates family-but these are some facts that will blow your little eyebrows up a notch:
  • Donations of over $290 million to AIDS research-spread across research groups with the stipulations that they will share their findings with one another (genuis).
  • $280 million to TB vaccines
  • $30 million towards education of global health
  • $1.2 million over three years to find new, sustainable ways to make water, sanitation and hygiene services safer and more affordable via the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development US.
  • Total grant donations of US$3 million to various charities to help with the aid effort for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
  • more than $250 million in grants to create new small schools, reduce student-to-teacher ratios, and to divide up large high schools through the schools-within-a-school model
  • $122 million initiative to send hundreds of the District of Columbia's poorest students to college.
Just staggering, eh? Those numbers are not really comprehendable to this single mom and her teeny little bank account. I am ever so grateful to people like Bill Gates - he built up this company and made more money than he will ever be able to spend in his lifetime, or his descendents lifetime, and instead of just living in the life of luxury and chillin like a villian, the man (and wife) are making an incredible difference in the world.

I just donated a tiny bit to the American Cancer Society. And as I plotted how much I could give without it setting me back for the month, I wished I could give more. I wish I could create a successful company to make a gazillion dollars over 30 years and then donate most of my gazillion dollars to worthy causes.

Bill Gates = Livin the Good Life.

To be fair - I recognize that his wife, Melinda, is pretty effing amazing herself - but he did build that company and all his buckets of gold before she even came along.
*disclaimer - but not really - I do work for a company that is connected to a major company of Bill Gates. However - nothing I have said here is meant to come from someone that is working for a company that is connected to a company of Bill Gates. Solely my thoughts and opinions. And if I were to get any compensation from this post-which I most certainly will not ever - I would absolutely donate it to the communtiy. Cause that's what Bill would want.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    it is pretty cool when the rich have a heart to give back...the gates are very cool like that...

  1. He is SUCH a role model of philanthropy. And a huge contrast to Amazon, which to the best of anybody's knowledge makes billions and donates diddley-squat. That kind of thing really matters to me.

  1. Denis said...:

    I like your Bill Gates joke


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