Weekend Wrap-up - Mothers Day 2012

What a beautiful weekend!! And what a REALLY busy weekend.

I had a little foster boy for one night on Friday, just six years old!! He has a really troubled history, some serious trauma was done to him in his short lifetime and he is known as a "challenging" child. He lives with his biological mother, but is in respite weekend care twice a month. I didn't have a lot of trouble with him, however, I heard from other respite workers (at a dinner tonight) that he threw a laptop across the room at one house and at another, he bit the foster mom multiple times, one time was so hard that he broke the skin and she actually went to the emergency room she was so injured by him. However, we got on well and aside from some really long transition periods and an incident where he demanded that I "knock it off!" (I was asking him to stay in my yard to play), there wasn't anything horrible. I might actually roll the dice on him again and have him over for another weekend in the future.

Saturday, the little guy left at lunchtime and I drove up to visit my parents. My parents live 3 hrs north of me, where they have lived for a couple decades now. They are both retired and feel like it's time for them to move back to the midwest - Iowa to be exact. Sad, sad news. I guess I'll be making some trips to Iowa in the future. We have less than six weeks before they leave the pacific northwest. Sad.

In the meantime - my sister, niece my mom and I went out for a beautiful dinner down by the water on Saturday night. Sunday, my mom, a family friend and I went to a nice lunch on a different waterfront. After lunch, we went for a scenic drive out to a little spot that I had fond memories of from high school. 
Unfortunately, the memories did not include any directions on how to get to that spot, so we took a bit of a tour through some back roads, where we saw some incredible houses and made up stories about the rich people who live in them, like Buffy Buffington, and some random dirty, run-down trailer where a shirtless bearded man named Bubba probably lives.

Eventually, we came across the right spot that I was looking for - just where I thought it was, of course!

And it was well worth the drive! The view is breath-taking. They will have nothing like this in Iowa:

I drove home mid-afternoon Monday and arrived just in time for a foster parent recognition dinner, which was lovely. It's a bit of a support group - the people there are all foster parents and a lot of us respite parents know the same kids and it's good to have someone to talk to about their real life experience with the same kids I'm seeing.
AND even better about this dinner - everyone got a door prize, things like a 4-pack of movies passes, zoo tickets, gift cards. Mine was a big score - two tickets to the symphony! I think Andrew will really love them.

Speaking of Andrew.....stay tuned for an update - cause he is COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    thanks for sharing and we miss you

  1. Trying to imagine retiring to Iowa and I cannot.
    You have a touch with these kids, don't you? How nice to be recognized for it. And how much NICER STILL to have your boy come home!

  1. Wow! What a weekend AND Andrew's home! Awesome!

  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    It was a lovely visit with superb weather. We are going to miss the family, friends and scenery when we move to Iowa. We will miss you!! Visit often. And give our grandson a hug. So glad he's home for awhile. Love you.


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