Are You Famous? Your Alter Ego Might Be.

I frequently think I see random famous people, though I suspect I am mistaken much of the time. To be fair, there are a number of tv shows and movies filmed in my city, so it IS possible.

Today I saw Randy Jackson eating lunch downtown and one of the putzes from Jersey Shore was on my bus on the way home (hair gel, oversized bling and all). Perhaps the old story that everyone has a doppelganger out there is true. 

I wonder if somewhere out there is another Kaylen, but she loves dogs not cats; drinks wine, not cherry coke; she has buckets of cash in her bank account; she is probably an astro-physisist (an overrated career I'm sure).

Have you seen Sliding Doors? It's a good movie!

Somewhat related - it's about how life would be different if there was just *one* change in your day - if you caught the train instead of missing it by seconds. Your life could be infinitely different - It's not about regrets, as everything in your life leads to who you are today, but more of looking at how your life could just go a completely different way.

There are a lot of "trains" I could have missed in life that would have led to my life going in a totally different direction - what if I hadn't gotten pregnant so young? I had no direction in or out of high school, so really, having Andrew saved me. What if I hadn't gone to Korea in 2002? I wouldn't have the global perspective that I think helps me when working for the global company I just left and the one I just joined. What if I hadn't wasted 12 hours of my life watching last season of Drop Dead Diva? I would probably have a lot more done around my house....


  1. Brian Miller said...: is intersting to think...there is a poem called the Nail...that highlights this...once change causes infinite ripples...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If you hadn't gotten pregnant your life would suck... end of story.

  1. Snowbrush said...:

    Most of the famous people I know are dead so that significantly reduces my odds of running into them. It's also true that I wouldn't recognize anyone who's on TV anymore except for a few PBS celebrities. Come to think of it, the only famous person who I ever did see was Ross Barnett, but I shouldn't think that most people would know what he was famous for.

  1. Snowbrush said...:

    P.S. "If you hadn't gotten pregnant your life would suck..."

    I never got pregnant, but I seem to be holding up okay. It could be that being male helps me in this way. That said, I seriously doubt that you can back up your sentiment here regardless of the gender of the person you're talking to.


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