A Beautiful Summer Day

Yesterday was the most gorgeous of days in the Pacific Northwest. Slightly hot, but not TOO hot. A nice breeze here and there. The most amazing blue sky, with white fluffy clouds floating above.
We FINALLY pulled our hammock out and Andrew spent some time basking in the sun. Mr. I Don't Need Sun Tan Lotion is a pretty shade of pale pink right now. Does anyone ever listen to their mother??

I headed off to a local dog park and trail for a walk with my favorite miniature schnauzer and his momma.

My pal, Reggie
Reggie is a sideways runner - it makes him special, yeah? 

Love the shadow here!

Surprisingly there were only a handful of dogs at the park. And most just played with  whoever they came with. Reggie spent a lot of time watching from the sidelines.

Flowers are in bloom everywhere! I love Mother Nature!

 Anyone know what kind of bird this masked pigeon-esque thing is?

Happy Fathers Day to all the proud papa's out there - including my own! (excluding Andrew's, who has failed miserably)


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    awww reggie looks cute...and i am a bit pink now myself, so no, not really...ha...

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    That bird is kinda funny. You got great shots.

  1. Denis said...:

    I like the poodle pictures. This
    post -->Once a Midwestern, Always a Midwestern
    the 3rd picture is missing but otherwise some great photos especially sideways pictures.

  1. Pam Lofton said...:

    The bird looks like a bandit! LOL Tucker says he would love to play with Reggie! Bring him on over! :)


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