Keeping Busy in the Real World

I've just finished the second week of my new job-so far so good! 
My team members are currently in a different location so it's just me in my office - sitting alongside 300 other employees who are all either heads-down working hard or who are part of a tight-knit group. Translation: hardly anyone talks to me. I talk to maybe one person here and there during the work day, and I've had phone conversations with someone every day, but it's soooo quiet. It's weird, coming from an office where I chatted with people every day. I knew there was something that was really hard about being the new person at work - beyond just being clueless about your job - it's the social interactions. You start over from scratch and have to make all new workplace friends. I'm not concerned about it, it takes time, but it's a lonely road in the beginning.

On the other hand, I'm right downtown now and I think I could go 2 months without eating at the same place twice. Every kind of food you can imagine is within a 10 minute walk from my building. Oh-and the mall is a few blocks away as well, so if I ever have money to go shopping-it'll be super easy! 

I saw this guy out by the mall the other day. I guess he got a signal that he should appear?

If you know anything about Portland, it's that we have a special love of a particular place calledVoodoo Doughnuts.They were actually featured on The Amazing Race one year where the clue told the teams to go where "the magic is in the hole."

They have a few regular donuts but then they have Voodoo specials. Here are some examples:

  • Old Dirty Bastard: Raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, Oreo’s and peanut butter!
  • Captain my Captain: Raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and Captain Crunch!
  • Bacon Maple Bar: Raised yeast doughnut with maple frosting and bacon on top!
  • Cock-N-Balls (yes, this is really a shaped donut...)
    Cock-n-balls shaped raised yeast doughnut triple filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate frosting!
Voodoo Doughnuts has a cult-like following and everyone who is anyone knows what having a pink box's the color of the donut box, a trademark way of saying you have some yummy doughnuts to share. Something else special about Voodoo is that they have a pink food truck that parks in random places around the city (and surrounding suburbs even) and they sell donuts as if it's a normal food cart. And people go ape-shit crazy over this pink food truck. I work just down the road from the actual store - and this pink food truck showed up just before lunch and there was a line for the 45 minutes I was having lunch across the street. People were lining up for DOUGHNUTS. It's just madness. 

I've crocheted two more hats in the last two weeks. It doesn't actually take a week to make a hat, it probably takes about 3 hours or so, but I only sit down and crochet for about 30-40 minutes at a time. Some of you know that I have had achy wrists in the past - probably stemming from 2 decades of careers that have involved typing all day - so I baby my achy wrists and limit repetitive motions when I can. 

Anyway, I made one simple brown hat with a little green trim (it looks crooked in the picture but it's not!):

Then I realized that the green actually looks like a color of a little green character I know from a much-beloved movie. And Andrew encouraged me to make a yoda hat....for the cats. It only took a small bit of yarn and less than an hour (once I figured out where to make the ear holes). Neither cat really loves it, but it will make for great Halloween pictures if I make a little yoda-like robe to go with it. Here's Ginger modeling the finished look:

The string on the left eventually became a fastener around the neck., you know-in case it gets windy and the hat nearly blows away.
I planted some purple pepper seedlings MONTHS ago and kept them on a special seedling heat pad, under a heat lamp, for a fair amount of time, loving them very tenderly, insisting that they grow big and strong and provide something wonderful for me later this year.  Lately, they have been spending some time getting used to being outside and I finally planted them in the garden. I had enough so that I could plant a few in two of my new beds and a few in my old beds - to see where they might grow best. Cross your fingers - I really want these to be productive plants!!

Speaking of gardening - I pulled some of the red potatoes out of the garden that I planted from potato starts last winter. Red potatoes are naturally smaller than white potatoes...but this is a wee bit ridiculous. 


  1. Brian Miller said...: cat would kill me...second, seeing batman is so cool...and i def need a voodoo donuts...that sounds really cool...

  1. A trip to Voodoo donuts is on my lifetime bucket list!
    I hope your new co-workers--at least a couple of them--warm up soon. It's no fun to feel alone all day.
    Cute cat-hat;)

  1. Denis said...:

    Even though it would be a pain getting there every day, working downtown would otherwise be alot of fun. I'm jealous

    Those potatoes look very tasty


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