A Week of Everything and Nothing

I start my new job on Monday - but until then, I have a glorious week off. I haven't taken many vacation days in the last year, as evidenced by how much PTO was cashed out for me when I left my old job last week, so this is a much-needed break. And I assume I'm not going to be able to take vacation again too soon after just starting my new job.

My week has been both productive and lazy. 

I have watched about 15episodes of this Australian show: Offspring. I don't know how I came to find it, but I am totally addicted. It's currently halfway through Season 3 in Australia.

I'm in the midst of Season 2 but catching up fast...Anyone know of this series? I love the characters. It's kind of an Ally McBeal type show, for those who remember that one.

Since I painted some walls blue and muslin, I realized that I had to paint the baseboards, which were previously the pinkish color which the prior owner thought was a great color to have in the largest open space of the house. I've taken to painting them white, but it's a LONG process. I started last month and have been doing sections of each room as I have time-and this week I have the time so am finishing this project for good. I didn't realize how important white baseboards were before, but once I started painting, I can really see why it's important:
Last week, I was doing a lot of walking-taking hour long walks every other day or so, and a couple 90-min walks. This week- NONE!!!! I don't know why...it's sad. I have done some yard work and house stuff, so it's not as if I'm doing no exercise, but I miss the long walks.

I finished crocheting my first hat EVER:
Hat #1
I don't really have a purpose in making this beanie, but I've never made one before and wanted to give it a try. I think it turned out quite well. I didn't follow a pattern though- I was going to, but I just couldn't make myself count stitches, so I just winged it.

I mostly did the next two projects before this week, but I did slightly complete them this week, so they count:
Small wooden chalkboard for keeping score during games. I bought  a wood craft board at the craft store, painted the sides orange and then used chalkboard paint on the top.
Side yard in the front of the house - the top part of this photo was 1-2 feet tall weeds. It's a million times better now and I'm sure my neighbors are all very grateful that I finally took care of the disaster there. I'm hoping that by end of summer, the plants spread and fill in a bit.
I played about 50,000 games of samurai sudoku on my smart phone. Usually at night just before going to bed, staying up much too late to solve just one more puzzle. My average time in solving is about 19 minutes. Multiply that by 50,000 and you have a LOT of wasted time.

We went to visit my family and said goodbye to my parents, who will be moving to Iowa this weekend. I'll post that story and the pics in a separate post.

I have slept about 9 hours a night every night. I set my alarm and it goes off every morning and I wake up and think about getting up and being really productive and staying on a work schedule, but the bed is so warm and cozy and the cats are curled up nearby....it's just too hard to get up.

I have just 3 more days until my new work-life begins...very exciting. Very scary. But very exciting. And scary.


  1. You were way more productive than lazy!
    Good thoughts for the new job.

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    The white baseboards make a huge difference.


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