Foster Parenting - The Kitten Edition Wrap-Up

The foster kitten parenting is coming to an end soon. Its not something I think I can really do on my own with my work schedule just starting to get busy. It wouldn't be fair to the kittens or to my cats.

When I come home, I always try to spend the first bit of time with our cats, as they shouldn't ever be neglected because of my silly choices, right?

Once my cats stop caring about my immediate attention, or in approximately nine minutes, I can escape to the bedroom where the babies live. But all this week it has only been one baby. Pip/Pippa/Pipsqueak/Pip-A-Lot is our last.

Frankie and Ella needed to get to the shelter so they could have the chance to get adopted. I love them and they loved me, but it was time to go sit in a window and look cute and hope their new family finds them soon. 

Unfortunately, we found out this afternoon that my beloved Frankie-the tabby cat-had some kind of rapid fast acting sickness, threw up something horrid looking and then died within 24 hours! Devastating!!! His sister is now in foster care being watched over to make sure she doesn't have the same bug. Sad!

Kate Middleton...she was this sweet little thing who just adored Andrew and who would have been ready to be adopted in just three days, suddenly got very sick and passed away quietly in the night, two days before she was due to go back to the shelter to be adopted. It was literally 48 hrs from being a happy, playful cat to being a lethargic, non-responsive cat.  So sad. We always said that Kate would have no problem getting adopted-she was just a great kitty and happy to play or sit with anyone.

And so now we just have little Pip. We adore her so much, she will for sure be the hardest to say goodbye to. Maybe Andrew will have to take her back to the shelter alone...If she would stay her exact size forever, I would want to keep her. But I know she will all too soon be a big fluffball, leaving fur EVERYWHERE and filling a litterbox much sooner than she does as a mini-kitten. Shes not even kitten size yet-shes a mini kitten. Ugh, I love her!!  She has the greatest personality. Someone will swoop her up and give her a wonderful home though-she is no shelter cat.

So that might be it for foster kittens this summer. I have a lot of work commitments coming up soon and I just cant commit to giving the best care. And it's time to get back to fostering kids on the weekends. It has been a nice break but I know they need help also.

But I don't know if any of them will match Pippa's cuteness.

Kitten foster parenting was fun, but I didn't realize that so many kittens die!!! A friend of mine had a litter of five she was caring for and three of them died within a week. We cared for four and two of them died! So tragic. But even with all the sadness of kittens dying, there are still a gazillion at the shelters, and thus I leave you with this message:  Spay or neuter your pets!!!

One Year Later- I Now Really Notice My Beloved Heart

Last week was the one year mark of my heart stent event.

It's been a long year of massive amounts of medications, half of which I don't feel I should be taking, cardiac rehab, short term memory loss, aches and pains, and a little bit of bitterness towards one of my major organs. Oh and maybe a year of whining to my poor friends.

But that year is over. On to the next year!!

Some facts you might not know:

  • One in four women dies from CHD, making it the #1 killer of women, regardless of race or ethnicity.
  • One in three adult females has some form of cardiovascular disease.
  • Nearly 60% more women die of CVD (both CHD and stroke) than from all cancers combined.
  • Approximately 64% of women (as opposed to 50% of men) who die suddenly from CHD did not have any classic warning symptoms.
My story is one where I didn't have classic warning symptoms. 

And as such-I am now VERY aware of whether my body is reacting differently when I go for a walk or do anything physical. How often are you actually AWARE of your heart and how it's beating? Probably not that often-I certainly wasn't before. 

In a way, it's kind of interesting. Your body does these amazing things, and the organs inside your body are basically doing magic tricks all day, and we never even think about it!

So for one small bit of time today-think about your heart. And make note of how it feels normally and hopefully you will be able to catch it when it does not behave normally.

Nothing But Kittens

Kittens - lots of kitten pictures ahead. If you hate kittens - like if there is something wrong with you - then just skip reading this one, cause it's ALL KITTENS.

We ended up only getting two more foster kittens last Wednesday, which was perfect. We already had two in our spare room so it wasn't too overwhelming to add two more. But then another foster parent was going out of town and asked if we could watch the two that are living with her family, so that put us at six foster and two of our own. 
Don't bother doing the math on that. I am very aware that it is a LOT of cats in one household.
However - the two weekend visitors were under the weather and they stayed in a large dog kennel in our sunroom, while the other four stay in the spare room, so it still didn't seem overwhelming. 

What is overwhelming is how stinking cute these little creatures are!!! Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

Whiskers- Not amused.
Ginger - Also not amused.

Scenes From My Life - Scary Vans, Scared Kittens, Sad on Southwest Airlines

Scene from the city on Friday:

Seriously - wtf, gold scary van?? Note the hand on the back wiper...creeptacular!

Scene from my house on Friday:

COME OUT little kitties!

Scene from my email a couple hours ago:

Could you take six more kittens on Wednesday?
Is it even possible to say no to that???

Scene from the road:
I'm currently in California for a training for my new job. I wanted to get on the earlier flight home on Wednesday, via this "standby" concept. Where you would literally stand by and hope they have room on an earlier plane, right? So I call Southwest and ask them what my chances are of getting on the earlier flight, as it will mean some rushing about and stressing to try to make the time work. And I'm told- yep, PLENTY of room on that flight. HOWEVER - seems that my current ticket was a discounted rate and I'm not eligible for standby. Is that not ridiculous? I HAVE a ticket with you. You HAVE seats on your plane. Why would this not work out for all parties involved? Grrr!!! I have kittens to get home to!! Thus - Southwest Airlines hates kittens.

A New Kind of Fostering

These are the latest visitors in my foster parent world:

Could you just die from all the cuteness here???

A Short Hike in the Wildwood Recreation Area

Today wasn't the most gorgeous of summer days (oh, is it summer? I'm not sure I have proof of that...), but I managed to be a little less lazy today as I could have been on an overcast Sunday and went out to visit the Wildwood Recreation Area out near Mt Hood, Oregon. 

I stopped and picked up a young friend and her momma and off we went into the great world of nature.

Clover was EVERYWHERE in this forest!!

 Adrienne enjoys a good spirited random song and dance, even in the woods, where she got down with her bad self.
The park has a posting up of recent appearances by local wildlife. If you look at this closely, you'll see that they had a mountain lion siting just a couple weeks ago! That's not scary, right? 

We didnt' see any of those wildlife, but my friend did save a slimy creature from certain death. If we had voted, I'm not sure I would have saved a snail - as I see them, and their cousins The Slug family, in my garden much too often. In the interest of kindness though, we let this one live (also, there was no vote taken but if there had been, I would have been outvoted).
 We also saw some baby salmon and crawfish at an underground viewing spot.

And no visit to a recreation area would be complete without a visit to the playground.

Happy Sunday, ya'll!


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