Scenes From My Life - Scary Vans, Scared Kittens, Sad on Southwest Airlines

Scene from the city on Friday:

Seriously - wtf, gold scary van?? Note the hand on the back wiper...creeptacular!

Scene from my house on Friday:

COME OUT little kitties!

Scene from my email a couple hours ago:

Could you take six more kittens on Wednesday?
Is it even possible to say no to that???

Scene from the road:
I'm currently in California for a training for my new job. I wanted to get on the earlier flight home on Wednesday, via this "standby" concept. Where you would literally stand by and hope they have room on an earlier plane, right? So I call Southwest and ask them what my chances are of getting on the earlier flight, as it will mean some rushing about and stressing to try to make the time work. And I'm told- yep, PLENTY of room on that flight. HOWEVER - seems that my current ticket was a discounted rate and I'm not eligible for standby. Is that not ridiculous? I HAVE a ticket with you. You HAVE seats on your plane. Why would this not work out for all parties involved? Grrr!!! I have kittens to get home to!! Thus - Southwest Airlines hates kittens.


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ooo bad southwest....smiles. 6 more kittens, oh my.....that will keep you busy...smiles. and that car def will have to make one of my stories...interesting

  1. Mom Taxi Julie said...:

    Where about in CA? I'm in the central valley. Nice and hot here right now!

  1. That is a LOT of kittens!
    Was the pope in that van? Kee-ray-zee.

  1. I think the airlines have staff that do nothing except coming up with ways to make travel miserable.

  1. TQ said...:

    Ugh I hate airlines. Seriously. You have the ticket, they should have been able to tell you up front you couldn't get an earlier flight but at the same time, HELLO - you've already paid for it. Seriously. And the flight attendants anymore are so rude.

    6 more kittens??? Are you going to still have them next month? Would love to come meet them when I get back :) And we need to catch up!


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