A Visit to the Clark County Fair

Today I went to a fair with a friend and her daughter, an annual event I think. Honestly, I could have been in a time warp as it was VERY similar to the fair we went to last year

Some things were a bit different. Like this smiling llama:

And isn't this lady in the first car a celebrity??
And this particular fair has these walk-through misting stations all over the place! GENIUS. Just enough to cool you off without getting you too wet that it's uncomfortable walking around. (It was 104 degrees yesterday, 96 today, so these were maybe genuine life savers!)

 At this fair, you could pay $5 to ride a mechanical bull with a JESUS bumper sticker on it's ass.
The quote of the day was when my friend, who had spent all her fair money already, told her daughter, "Come on! You are not riding the bull of jesus! Walk away from Jesus' bull!"

And the food at this fair was different - they actually had this healthy food stand that sold yummy gluten-free chicken wraps, so I had lunch at the fair and didn't make my heart unhappy! 

Some things never change though. Like the ridiculous faces my friend makes in all photos I take of her:

Such a beautiful day for the fair!


  1. Denis said...:

    Feeling sad about kittens who didn't make it. I heard other stories in the past about young kittens propensity to die but don't why it happens


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