Another School Year Approaches - Donation Crunch Time

It's that time of year where my living room fills up with school supply donations and I set about begging asking around for more donations from anyone and everyone I know.

This is my third year hosting a school supply drive for kids at the Bienestar Homework Club program - a program that has successfully proven to improve the children's grades over the course of the semester. These kids aren't just hanging out after school, keeping busy in some apartment complex "club" - they have to apply to be admitted, they need the support of their parents and teachers (along with written permissions) and they have to bring in signed progress reports monthly from school. They are really trying their best to do their best. I celebrate their commitment and dedication.

I celebrate it - by helping them start the school year off right. I don't think that these kids, who have proven that education is important, deserve to go to school without all the needed supplies. I think they have earned the right to have a full backpack full of the supplies they need to feel comfortable starting the school year. If I could buy them all new school clothes, I would do that too - but I'm currently limited to providing a bag full of stuff.

And STUFF is what I have.

But STUFF is what I need.

I have one week left. This is what I still need:

  • 35 backpacks
  • 280 notebooks
  • 114 loose leaf paper packs
  • 1248 pencils
  • 400 pens
  • 122 erasers
  • 250 glue sticks
  • 150 folders
  • 63 pencil sharpeners
  • 45 boxes of markers
  • 40 binders
  • 30 highlighters
  • 90 bottles of hand sanitizer


To be honest, this happens each year. My first year, I needed probably more than this and I was only supplying for 75 children. This year it's 150 kids and I have a good portion of what I need....but when I look at my tracking sheet (and the list above) - it seems unattainable.

So wish me luck in this personal endeavor of mine to do good by 150 kids.
And if you're so inclined, feel free to contact me about a donation.

And stay tuned for the results next week when I will hopefully be able to tell you that I somehow pulled it off again!!


  1. I wish I could help you. It's so awesome that you take on this project.

    My daughter the student teacher had a middle school class last year with a lot of low-income students. We kept a stock of school supplies that she could give the kids that needed them.
    They had other teachers that would yell at them for not having a pencil or a notebook. No kid who is showing up to learn deserves that.

    We've already started stockpiling for this year's class.

  1. You are a goddess supreme to do this for kids going without!


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