I am, I really am!!!

This is the end of my first full day in South Africa - and to say I am crazy overwhelmed with all I have experienced so far would be an understatement.
I planned a tour with a local man who started a tour company with his wife. They got amazing reviews on TravelAdvisor and I can see why. He had SO MUCH information to share on the city, it was a million times better than anything I could have learned in a book. The history here, with apartheid and the gold mines and the segregated sections of the city is pretty intense.
  • They had concentration camps here in the early 1900's!! - started by the British!!
  • KFC is everywhere here, McDonalds is here, but is not popular.
  • Starbucks came in for the 2010 Olympics, but left immediately afterwards.
  • In 1976, a group of children (!) revolted against the governments order that they learn a certain language affiliated with apartheid and 15,000 of them took to the streets for a peaceful protest and were very successful...until an executive order came down from some government official to OPEN FIRE on the crowd-OF CHILDREN. Hundreds died, mostly children.

....there were a million other things, but I'm off to bed for now! This week is very work-focused and then next week is safari-time!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    These are good pics! Have great time in South Africa!

  1. Natalie said...:

    Have fun! Thanks for sharing with us people that aren't as cool as you! :)

  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    How amazing to get this once in a life time opportunity. Yes, thanks so for sharing. And keep teaching us too!

  1. Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime!
    I often wonder how little I know about that entire continent.

  1. Denis said...:

    Looks like alot of fun where you can have free trip with a company. Where do you work again? :)

  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    Oh Kaylen - I've happily been enjoying your posts in my mailbox - and today - I just thought I'd drop by. Your blog looks fantastic! South Africa - what a wonderful country to visit! I hope you have an amazing time! Big hugs. Although I've not been visiting, I've been keeping track! :D

  1. carma said...:

    interesting that Starbucks pulled out. I secretly like that ;-)


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