The Young Star of the Sea World Dolphin Show!

I have this little Sony cassette recorder that I thought might come in handy in college. I've had it since 1996. I've moved maybe 4 or 5 times since college and for some reason I kept this outdated little thing.

In the last 12 years, I think the only time it was used was when my ex-punk-rock-boyfriend Brian set it to record, set it down on a table and then taped 30 minutes of our boring normal conversation, twice he did this! He even flipped the tape over for the different conversations. So strange, that punk rock Brian was.

On the first side of the tape is us recounting the night prior where I got drunk and apparently there were all kinds of funny things that happened at the bar. Typical day-after recounting of drunken escapades. We only talked for about 15 minutes, and then the rest of the tape is apparently just my cockatiel Charlie whistling after we left the room.

The other side of the tape is us watching some kind of documentary of tribal people who do certain ritualistic behaviors that made us repeatedly scream and laugh in horror. The best part of the documentary side is that I got to hear the voice of  9 year old Andrew. Apparently Andrew had a loose tooth and punk-rock-Brian and I took great delight in threatening to pull his tooth. Andrew didn't want to go to bed, so by not listening and going to bed, he was choosing to stay in the living room with us, and the only way he could stay in the living room was if he let Punk Rock Brian pull his tooth, which made him squeal and scream and apparently at one point, shed a tear-which we laughed about (great parenting, Kaylen), but then Andrew was laughing too, so I guess it wasn't too threatening to him. It was just fun to peek in on 2001 Kaylen and Andrew and hear a bit of the conversation. Except the part where I yelled "BRUSH YOUR TEETH" in this high-pitch crazy-mom sounding voice.

These days everyone has capability of taking videos and it's no big thing to go back in time and relive the past. For us elders though - it's not as easy. The past is gone and unless we happened to borrow or *gasp* buy a twelve-fifteen pound video recorder, there just isn't the joy of watching a lot of home videos. I wish I had borrowed one much more often than I did. Especially with my memory failing me won't be long before I'll forget my entire history. I'll just be perpetually waking up and living in the moment, wondering what happened to me. Aside from the things I've blogged about, of course.

The other day I was asked the name of my doctor from 2001 so we could verify what shots I had before moving to Korea. I have NO recollection at all of what doctor I went to, what insurance I had, whether it was a male or female, what part of town it was located...NOTHING. Not one tiny piece of memory is linked to anything medical for me in 2001. It's so frustrating. This is much too soon to be blacking out pieces of my life. I'm not even 40!!

And so the little trip down memory was sweet. I got the chance to hear a normal every day time with my little pumpkin head, who I refer to on the tape as "Bubby" and who laughed as a 9 year old does, free and full of life with no worries about a care in the world. Except holding on to that little loose tooth.

Bubby and I went to Disneyworld one summer when I first started college and luckily, the college allowed students to borrow video cameras! So I lugged this mammoth thing across the country with us and got some great this one where young Andrew was selected from the crowd at Sea World to actually BE part of the show. He was awesome, even at a young age.


  1. My husband won a Flip camera in a work contest. It's pretty cool.

    We have old (like 27 yr old) videos of my kids when they were very young. My dad had one of those giant video cameras. After he died I realized that on every video I can hear his voice talking to the kids and it made the videos that much more special.

  1. Empty Nester said...:

    It's fun to run across things like this, isn't it? It takes us back and makes us wonder what the heck we were thinking. LOL


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