BUSY BUSY BUSY - Notes from my World

In bulleted format for your convenience:

  • I saw a man at a food cart downtown two days ago that looked just like Samuel Jackson. I pretended to be reading the menu nearby him so that I could hear his voice and confirm. It was definitely Samuel Jackson - if Samuel Jackson is now muttering under his breath about the amount of the pollution that he is breathing in, and if he randomly stops muttering to ask a pedestrian for spare change, and if he smells like he's been living on the street.
  • I also saw a man who was all business above the waist, typical dress shirt, carrying a briefcase, but wearing a flowing red velvet skirt. Just walkin along, no big thang.
  • I love being downtown.
  • I've worked about 10-12 hours a day this week. And will have work to do this weekend as well. Boo. Luckily, I love my job and I know this schedule is only sporadic.
  • I'm traveling again for work in early December-YAY!
  • My hammock is still outside and I fear the rainy season may be here until next June. It's cloth. It's big. And it's starting to grow mold. I should have known better-I live in Oregon- and I should have brought it in a couple weeks go when the sun was shining for days on end.
  • I have a foster kid coming for tonight. She has a history of sexual abuse and is developmentally behind. I'm not sure how tonight is going to go...but she's only with me for about 18 hours and hopefully she will sleep for at least 8 of those.
  • I need a haircut.
  • I am totally addicted to the tv series, Homeland. ADDICTED.
  • I had a caramel apple, wrapped in plastic, on my kitchen counter the other day. Three days later, I had a caramel apple covered in tiny little black ants, wrapped in ant-covered plastic, on my ant-covered kitchen counter.
  • I had the most delicious gardenburger for lunch today - even more importantly, I had the most amazing sweet potato tater tots with them. SWEET POTATO TATER TOTS...pure bliss.
  • I miss seeing this kind of bird:


  1. Ew! Ants!
    Maybe Samuel is getting ready for his next role? And you can tell everyone "I knew him when..."

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  1. tq14 said...:

    Homeland. Ah-mazing.


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