I Survived Carmaggedon II - Some Of Us Vomited, Some of Us Didn't

The other day, the state of California shut down the busiest highway in America - the 405 in Los Angeles. They call it Carmaggedon and they talked about it nonstop on the news that week. It was like a big fun event was coming...but then here was no fun involved. This was the second time they had to do it, hence: Carmaggedon II.

The first morning of Carmaggedon II, I was just hanging out with a friend of mine, who would like to remain anonymous...we'll call him Andy.
Or Drew.
Or Pandrew.

Names don't matter....but just know that names have been changed in this story to protect the not-so-innocent.

My friend Andy/Drew/Pandrew goes to college. And as sometimes happens when you are a young college student, my friend drank some alcohol. Nothing shocking, nothing excessive, nothing out of control (that I'm aware of), but sometimes when you drink, you sleep in the next day and sometimes you drink and you have to get up four hours later to go to an amusement park with your mom friend.

Many people would think - maybe drinking at 4am is a bad idea with plans at 8:30am, but when you're a young college student, you don't always remember such logic.

And so it was - my friend Andy/Drew/Pandrew headed out to Universal Studios for a fun day in the sun, complete with fast rides, lots of walking, and more fast rides.

We were in the car, on the LA freeway, going about 80 mph when my good friend said to me: I think you need to pull over. I said, no, not at this exit, right? He had the GPS on his phone, but I had to question it as I was certain he was wrong.
But he wasn't wrong. we really NEEDED TO PULL OVER.

Young Andy/Drew/Pandrew wasn't feeling very well.
In fact, he was slightly green.

And so I attempted to talk him out of the decision that I knew was no longer a choice. I told him to put the window down and take some slow breaths and I would pull over shortly. And seconds later, as I was changing lanes at 70mph, my funny young friend stuck his head out the rental car window...not to take a deep breath. But to "exhale." A lot of exhaling was done. He exhaled all over the side of my little rental car. All over the yellow line that I crossed. And slightly on the truck directly behind me that didn't want to let me get over in his lane, even though I used my turn indicator.

And then I took a second to see how green Pandrew was looking, and it seemed like he was no better, so I proceeded to try and get into the next lane on the right-only 3 lanes to go before I was able to pull over....and as I proceeded to cross that dashed yellow line again, Andy stuck his head back out the window and exhaled deeply again. All over the side of my little rental car. All over the yellow line. All over the car that didn't want to let me get over, even though I used my turn indicator.
And then....guess what happened next?

That will teach those aggressive California drivers not to let someone merge after they used their turn indicator!! Welcome to Carmaggedon II, mofo's. Or as we called it all weekend: Karmaggedon.

Anyway, by now, I am finally in the far right lane so I really can pull over and stop the car. And this is when Pandrew said - I'm fine, we can keep going.
So we did.
And he was.


  1. OHNO! Has to be the most stressed-out puke I've ever read about.

  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    so someone learned one of the downsides of drinking--lesson learned! Glad the rest of your visit was fun.


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