Visitin' My Boy, Makin Faces All the Live Long Day

Wow – it is October already?! So crazy to think 2012 is almost over already. Time goes so much faster as an adult.  Remember the summer days as a child where you wake up whenever, maybe shower and eat some cereal…then you just do *whatever* the rest of the day. Go meet some friends at the school, pick some berries in the backyard, play with your paper dolls, read a book, swim at your lucky-to have a pool friend’s house. And then you still had the ENTIRE NIGHT to do *whatever*.
Sometimes it felt like the day was dragging on f-o-r-e-v-e-r. And then you grow up and suddenly you have to go to work all day and then you rush home to dinner, then you have dishes, then you have to clean, then you have to go for a short walk, then you have to do laundry, then you have to watch the new episode of The Amazing Race while sorting your mail that you only get every few days cause it’s all junk or bills, then you have to get ready for the morning, then you have to clean up cat puke, then you have to shower, then you go to bed-and you do it all over again! I miss the days of *whatever*.

September went by quite quickly with the travel. I got back from South Africa on a Wednesday and the following Wednesday, I was back on a plane headed down to our corporate office in Long Beach. Which happens to be less than 30 miles from my beloved bouncing baby boy, Andrew-so of course I stayed through the weekend and hung out with him. We had a nice dinner on Friday and decided we would splurge and go to Universal Studios on Saturday morning. Universal is fun-it’s not ridiculously crowded, it doesn’t take an hour to get to the park from your car, you can spend less than 6 hrs there and feel satisfied, and did I mention there aren’t a gazillion people there? There’s not. We bought a photo package which allowed us to have every single photo taken of us available online.

We took some classic photos, such as “so terrifyingly scary our faces are melting off”


“Just playing it cool”


“We died on this ride and nobody noticed”


“Fighting in Jurassic Park”


We also have a couple mainstream (boring) photos:
He's so handsome!!

Saturday night, we went to a show at a club in LA – a comedian/magician who also happens to be the host of Cupcake Wars. Funny guy. He had a few tricks where the entire room was a bit bedazzled. A couple of the tricks were so amazing that people didn’t even clap directly after-we all just sat there. He pulled up a bunch of random people from the audience and random like – he threw a Frisbee in the crowd and whoever caught it came on stage, or tossed a ball out in the crowd and had someone toss it to the next person and so on.  

It was fun – but mostly it was nice to just be with Andrew. When you’re with someone for 18 years nearly every single waking day and then suddenly you are not, it’s a weird feeling. Empty nest is no joke, yo. 


  1. You two look like you had a wonderful time reconnecting. And you look like the most fun people there!

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