And The Pink Pill, And the Yellow Pill, And the Big Capsules, And the White Ones...

Since being diagnosed with heart disease last year, joining 42 million other women who live with this killer, I have been adapting to a live of daily medication.

I've never been a fan of taking pills. When I was younger, my mom would have to cut aspirin in half so I could swallow them. I never got on the birth control pill because I didn't trust myself to take a pill every single day. And yet now I am relegated to taking pills the rest of my life (or that's what three cardiologists have told me).

I take three pills for heart purposes.

I take an allergy pill - year round though really, I might be able to go off of that for a few months a year. I haven't quite figured out when that part of the year might be and I absolutely hate having allergies.

But then someone told me I should be taking a probiotic for digestive health. And I thought-she's right---my digestive system isn't always great, I could use some kind of assistance! And now I take a probiotic.

Everyone knows about fish oil and how helpful (supposedly) that is for a human - so I bought some fish oil tablets.

My mom was emphatic that I take this I gave in and bought a big bottle of those (the things we do for our parents!).

I read quite a bit on the world wide web about the dangers of taking a statin drug (like Lipitor or Crestor) and how taking CoQ10 pill is very beneficial to help your body process those drugs or combat the side effects or something like I buy those each month now.

And there's a B-complex of some sort that is essential...

And zinc and magnesium and lysine....

And something else and something else....and now I have gone from not being able to swallow an aspirin to having this to contend with DAILY:
It's a lot!!!
Speaking of a lot of drugs....for some reason, after I became a heart patient, I started keeping all the pill bottles I went through. I don't know why, or what I thought I was going to do with them. But now I have this large bag filled with empty pill bottles. I was on even more drugs when I first left the hospital - and let's not forget how I cut my finger open that same month and spent quite some time double-downing on pain pills daily...and now I have THIS:
I don't know what to do with them-but I know I want to do something.
If I end up doing nothing, our local animal shelter takes them as donations to put their meds in for foster families, but first - I will see if there's not something crafty I can do to impress you all.


  1. That's a lot of pills! But isn't it amazing that we have the chemistry to keep you and so many other people healthy?


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