Girls Aren't So Bad!

I had a foster child last weekend. I've been keeping busy with fostering lately!

Something that really surprised me about fostering lately - I think I actually prefer having female children! I've only ever known what it's like to parent a boy. I helped take care of my nephew before I had my son, and then it was always my son and his male friends around forever. When Andrew brought girls home, I never really knew how to respond to them....they were so different. When my niece was a wee lass and I would babysit her, it was fun and all, but it wasn't always natural. She had different mannerisms, girly type movements, she had to sit down to pee, she wouldn't just entertain herself with a was different.

Typically when I get a couple referrals for foster kids who need a place to stay on the weekend, I am inclined to select the male option. Sometime there isn't one though...and I have to settle for...a girl.

Somehow the latest four kids I've taken care of over the last 6 weeks have been girls. And somehow I have loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!! They have been personable, calm, enjoyable to be around, easy to entertain, and I would take any of the four of them for a return visit.

Last weekends visitor was even a teenage girl - yikes, a teenager...and I still loved her!! She has a traumatic rape event (insert brief moment of hatred of republican government officials who have recently been making rape comments that lesson the crime of rape against women) in her past, but she is working on healing. It's just so heartbreaking when you hear a beautiful young woman-child say things like, "crocheting is a coping skill for when I think about cutting myself" or "I started being homeschooled because I was raped at school" or "sometimes I wake in the night and think there is someone in the room watching me." It's just so hard to not want to take these children and run away with them to a world where bad people don't exist. Unfortunately, I can't take them there because I haven't yet found that location....but when I do - I have four young girls who are going with me.


  1. I bet it's fun having a girl around after raising only a boy, too.


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