I Am No Longer a Mother of a Teenager - Happy Bday, Andrew!!!!

This little guy is somehow TWENTY YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!

I'm not sure how many times when you have a baby that people tell you "the time goes so fast!" - and how at the time, all you care about is sleeping, or having a few minutes to yourself, or sleeping, or thinking about how nice it would be to just sleep all night. But people say it over and over again...and they are stupid, you're sure of it. Cause you just want to sleep.


Then one day you wake up and your baby is no longer a baby. He's now a toddler.
And he's a preschooler.
Wow, he's in elementary school.
Whoa...middle school already??
Wha....wait, huh? I have a high schooler??
And now we're saying goodbye and he is off to college to learn new things, experience life (good and bad), make his own way in the world, and survive without you (for the most part).

crazy - you wake up the next day and he happens to have a birthday - and it happens to be TODAY.
And he's not 1. He's not 6. He's not 12 or 16. He's now somehow TWENTY years old and two decades have flown by since you held this tiny little baby in your arms and promised him with all your heart that you would love him more than anything in the world for as long as you are still breathing, and maybe even after that point....and you do. You really do.

My man cub is no longer a cub. He is now a man. A nearly-grown man. My baby has left his teenage years behind him and he is off into his twenties - where he will experience what it means to be on his own for long periods of time, he will probably fall in love (and maybe out of love), he will cherish things he didn't know he could even enjoy, he will go new places, he will make bad choices and figure out how to make it better, he will meet new friends, he will discover who he really is and who he really wants to become, he will finish getting an amazing education - and he will (hopefully) live life to the fullest and enjoy each year of his twenties.

And I will continue to love him more than anything in the world.

Happy birthday to my darlingc baby-no-more, Andrew B!


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    wow....where does the time go?

    happy birthday andrew...

  1. Congratulations on a job well done!
    And happy birthday to your boy!


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