Crafts, Crafts and More Crafts

This weekend was a planned craft weekend with my girls.

I had my regular foster girl visit - she's five and she LOVES crafts.

And my friend Alison is crafty - she and I have been talking about getting together to do crafts for ages.

And then there's my friend Jennifer and her daughter, Adrienne. Jennifer was born with no craft gene whatsoever...her daughter isn't as challenged thankfully.

Thanks to my decade of hosting volunteer events, I have more craft supplies than the average elementary school. You need googly eyes- check. Pipe cleaners- of course. Any particular color of paper and any thickness- yep. Mini clothespins? Cotton balls? Sculpting clay? Ink pads in various colors? Holiday stickers? Handmade paper from India? Polka-dotted tissue paper? Sequins? YES - I have anything you could possibly need.

Here's some scenes from our crafty McCraft-a-Lot day:

Busy bees!
Laughing while crafting is a must!

Hard at work!

Finished clay projects!

A child did NOT make this. It's rastafarian Elmo....


  1. They'll always remember that crafty time with you--and what they made!

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Look at all those busy hands.


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