The Love/Hate Relationship About Hotels....

I love picking out my breakfast the night before and having a nice young man bring it to me just after I've woken up.
But I hate waking up so early to eat breakfast before I begin a 12-14 hour day.

I love being upgraded to the executive level because the room you originally were given had an old-man-b.o. smell about it.
But I hate that the executive level in this particular hotel is only different in that they have a robe in the closet. (a robe I would never consider wearing)

I love not having to worry about anything. They'll do your laundry, they'll clean your room, they'll bring you fresh towels.
But I hate that I have to hear people next door at random times when I'm used to living alone and hearing no noises in the night.

I love having tv with cable-there's so many channels!
But I hate having to watch commercials.

I love having dinner downstairs and just signing my name and not having to worry about more receipts to expense.
But I hate the limited options in the hotel restaurant.

I LOVE staying in hotels!
But I hate being away from home.


  1. I love staying in hotels, too. For all those reasons!

  1. carma said...:

    totally with you on this one. hotels often give me the creeps though. probably since I'm so anal ;-)


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