2012 Year in Review - Here's to a Better Blogging Year in 2013!

I have the grumpiest little foster girl in the ENTIRE WORLD staying with me this weekend.
And I have a ton of work to do...but then I discovered popurls a few months ago and that's the easiest distraction in the entire world.
And when I caught up with that site, I did about ten minutes of work again...but then Pinterest happened.
And then I got back to work again...but then there's facebook.

And this is how my day is going. And the grumpiest girl in the world is fighting a nap as if I was trying to poison her.

So since I have nothing to do today....let's post on my poor, neglected blog! The first post of 2013. Don't get your hopes up.

2012 was the slowest year ever for me as a blogger. I used to be really connected and involved, but this last year I have just pulled away. Mostly due to time constraints because of the new job. Slightly because I have a boring life. A tiny bit is because I have a horrible memory-in the old days, I would think of something to blog about during work or on the way home, and then later that night, I'd write it up. In the last year, my memory has been failing me and when I think of something (something really awesome every time I'm sure) while driving home, it completely disappears from thought by the time I get a chance to type it up. Let's hope this memory loss thing is not long-lasting.

Here's a quick recap of 2012:

January - I became an empty-nester as my young amazing Andrew went off to face the trials and tribulations of being a grown-up and enduring college life.
February - I became CPR certified and I can now save the life of my fellow human. Also, I turned 38 (yikes) and collected over 100 bottles of shampoo for my annual birthday shampoo drive.
March - I became certified as a therapeutic foster parent!! It is by far one of the best things I will probably ever do in my life, aside from raising the amazing Andrew. And this is the month that Andrew went to India(!!) for a business class trip!
April - Las Vegas, Baby!!! ..with the elders.
May - Mothers Day visit with my momma.
JuneA new job for Kaylen!!!
July - I decided that just fostering humans wasn't enough...and Andrew and I had a summer of fostering kittens! We love having tiny little kitties in the house, but we discovered that it's not all fun and games. Tiny little kittens don't always survive. It was hard...but they don't all pass away, some thrive and grow to be wonderful and are adopted by wonderful people and have wonderful lives.
August - This is the month when I hold my annual backpack drive-a HUGE success again this year, and also the month where Andrew goes back to college.
September - omfg- I WAS IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!
October - Nothing really exciting, I worked a gazillion hours and got back into foster parenting 2-3 weekends a month.
November - This is the month where Andrew flew out of his teen years and entered his roarin' twenties!! It's still a bit shocking to believe.
December - Lots of fostering, crafting, and Presents Day! I worked a gazillion hours, but still managed to balance it with things that keep me sane and happy.


  1. You've definitely had a heck of a year!

  1. Denis said...:

    Very exciting for last year! I was expecting to see missing cat story here today


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