Fun with Five-Year Olds!

Sometimes I forget my little foster girl is in therapeutic foster care. She's just so NORMAL!!!

Recently, she's started saying "of course." Not in a snotty way, just a very matter-of-fact way.

I'll say, "do you want to watch this movie?"
She'll respond, "well of course I do."

"Did you see bubbles when you washed your hands?"
"Of course I did"

"Do you think Whiskers needs water?"
"Of course he does."

"Did you see that big dog on the corner?"
"Yes, of course, he's so big."

It's adorable. I love it.

My friend and I went to Ikea with her last Saturday. Early on in the maze-that-is-Ikealand, my girl picks up a kitchen dish scrubber. She used it to brush her hair, my coat, the cart, and everything in front of her for about an hour. Just quietly walking along, brushing things. And then she put it back before we left as if it was totally normal.

It's amazing how kids don't want a sandwich...until you let them use a cookie cutter on it, and suddenly sandwiches aren't so boring.

I got a new desk chair a week ago (FINALLY-the old one was possibly the same one that Fred Flintstone had, like the actual one he used) and it took me about 20 minutes to put it together and then I had to try it out while catching up on some bill-paying and email cleaning-up. For about two hours that day, she played with the box, a dry paintbrush and some colorful plastic plates we got from Ikea. She "painted" the box, "painted" all over a piece of cardboard from inside it, made a desk out of it, pretended it was a wall blocking her from the other room, "painted" her face and mine, just a "normal" child.

And she SO appreciates having a book read to her. She can be the grumpiest grump-a-lump, but then you offer to read her a book while she thinks about what good choices she wants to make, and she's the sweetest little girl agan. She just loves taking a trip to the library and is great about having soft feet and quiet voices.

It's easy to forget she's seeing a counselor for PTSD and her and her 5 siblings aren't allowed to live at home with their parents due to reasons you really don't want to know about. Or that she intentionally flooded her foster parents home just last month.

What if she's really meant to be with me and my house is the only place where she is free to be normal? 
What if I just don't take her home and stop answering my phone?
What if we live happily ever after?

In real life, her situation is going to change in March and I probably won't have her anymore. And I will probably be pretty heart-broken.


  1. Sounds to me like you're a blessing to each other right now. How great is that?


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