My Mom Comes to Town...Moose and Falls and Squirrels and Lions and Penis Donuts, oh my!

I had a day off!!! It's a rarity these days. Even more rare - seeing my mom!!!! 
She moved from Washington state 1,447 miles away to Iowa state. And I have not seen her since May of last year. She is spending a week out in the pacific northwest, so I took off work on Friday and Saturday and I spent some good quality time with my mom and sister and a tiny bit of quality time with the-oh-so-busy Andrew.
The winter weather held out and the three of us girls headed out to Multnomah Falls - one of the top ten waterfalls not named Niagara. It's just about an hour from my house and includes a lovely scenic drive for part of it.

Pretty sure this is a cabbage field - with rows and rows, including purple cabbage?!

Driving through a small town, we saw a giant moose statue. The rules of any road trip dictate that anytime you see a giant moose statue, you MUST get a picture with it. So we did.

Rules also dictate that if possible, always take a picture of you riding the moose.
Random contemplating cowboy with dog shot.
A little stream we crossed to get to the base of the falls.

You can climb all the way to the top - it's only a mile, but it's steep and it's nothing but switchbacks the entire way. There are warnings at the visitors house about dangerous wet and icy conditions, but even without, I'm not sure I was up for the climb and my moms knees were definitely not. You can climb up .25 miles and get to a nice bridge for photo ops. On the way up - there are speed bumps. For out of control wheelchairs maybe? Runaway strollers? Crazy elders racing on scooters?
The view from the bridge.

The majestic Multnomah Falls!
Hiking up a short ways to take more pictures.
 We did a bit of shopping at some random cool Portland shops, and ate at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Note the wood bar-it's like a giant log split in half. And the squirrel card at our table.
We played a game called Telestrations with Andrew and a friend, where we laughed and laughed over the fun interpretations. If you like to draw and have a group of friends who like that type of game, I highly recommend Telestrations as a party option!

This is very clearly "Lion Kill" - right??

And no trip to Portland would be complete without a trip to our favorite Thai restaurant, Beau Thai, and the ever-famous Voodoo Donuts. We waited in line for 15 minutes to buy overpriced novelty donuts and were disappointed that my sister couldn't go home with a "cock-n-balls" donut...but luckily we were driving by the other Voodoo location and Andrew played the hero and ran in and got his Aunt Jenny a special penis-shaped donut, just like she wanted. He's a good boy!

Not awkward at all.

And then all too quickly, our time came to an end. My mom had to leave, and so did my darling Andrew. He is now safely back in the dorms at USC, excited to start his sophomore year (he started in Spring so has just completed one full year).

And I miss them both.


  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    I had a great time and I miss you too!!! Love you

  1. What a wonderful vacation you had! I'm jealous of all of it--the togetherness, the views, the donuts...

  1. I totally thought that"Lion Kills" picture was "How dinosaurs became extinct by getting burned by the sun"

    Those pics of the falls are awesome.


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