Sunday Musings - Winning Wars, New Stuff, Old Kittens

I have a jumble of thoughts this morning. Bear with me and my more-random-than-usual-ness.

My foster girl is here through Monday at lunch. She has a nasty cold though, so we're not really doing a whole lot. Also-the foster parents she lives with can't get her to take cold medicine because she doesn't like the taste, so they only have been giving her something for the low fever. I successfully got her to take the cold medicine twice now and I felt like I won an award. When this girl doesn't want to do something, it's a full-on-raging-war to get her to follow your direction.

For instance, last night, she was sleepy and she isn't feeling good, but on the way to bed she needs to stop and brush her teeth. She didn't want to and made it clear. I got her into the bathroom, was able to get her to hold the toothbrush, but then she just stood there with her head down, arm out in front for a FULL SIX MINUTES, completely catatonic. Just standing there, not moving, not speaking, nothing. Six minutes is a LONG TIME to just stand still and look down. Keep in mind that she has some horrible past and in her 5.75 years has been through more than most of us will have to. But still - SIX MINUTES?! I stood out in the hall just out of her eyesight and watched to see if that outstretched arm would move, just waiting (thank god for smartphones) and eventually, I won the battle and the teeth did get brushed. Probably not well, but something is better than nothing.

My dad made me this picture for Presents Day. It's an etching, where apparently you scratch out the picture and test your overall patience and ability to focus for long periods of time. My dad won at that game fo sho:


I visited this store in Portland that I've never been to but will for sure go to monthly now. It's called ZimZim and has all kinds of random things. I bought this really cool wall calendar, small and simple like I like:

I also bought some earrings which are completely lost but will hopefully show up again someday since I never took them off their packaging and certainly never got to wear. And some stickers from Dre Day, which such wonderful quotes from his raps, like:
I don't really know what I will do with them. I originally was going to randomly give them out to people, but I don't want to give any away. You just can't come up with these things on your own-they are classic.  
Remember last summer when Andrew and I fostered kittens and fell in love with a little sassy-pants we named Pippa? My friend adopted Pippa and another kitten we fostered, Ella (who is now Emma).  We were able to go and visit young Pippa, who is still a bit sassy, but who is def not so little anymore. Emma/Ella was there, but is still a bit shy/skittish so we got to see her, but not really love on her.
Here's Pippa back in the day:
And here's Pippa now-much more grown up!

She's so big and cute and I love her so much!! If she would only stay little, I would have kept her forever. I am happy she has a really great home though, and especially happy that it's a home where we can go visit her! 


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    ha our kitten is huge now...what an amazing store as that calendar...and the bumper stickers crack me up...hey way to go with the foster getting her to take cold medicine...smiles..


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