Birthday Party Fun. So Much Fun, There's Nothing to Share

It's time for my Birthday Party again? I'm yet another year does this keep happening?!

Regardless, I'm always happy to have my friends over and this year for my birthday party, we had a special guest in attendance - my sister Jenny came to town to join us. About 16 people stopped by and we all ate lots, drank a bit, opened some sweet gifts and played games, amongst the night of laughter and friendship.

And I took a bunch of crappy photos, nothing even worth sharing. Evidence:

As in the last few years, I held a shampoo collection for charity for my birthday and have about 90 bottles of hair care products to donate, thanks to the generosity of my friends and family. Getting older...earning karma the good life.


    How lovely to have a special guest!

  1. Birthdays will always be fun as long as you celebrate it with your friends and family.


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