No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

I'm unemployed again!!!
I LOVE taking a week off. Some of you might not know, but I just worked a million hours a week for the last 6 months straight, barely taking a day off here and there (aside from the kickass safari in South Africa in early September). I worked nearly every single weekend. Even on the few days off, I still checked mail and did little things first thing in the morning.

And now I'm preparing to move on to the next great work adventure, but before I do - I must take a week off and rejuvenate and recover and rediscover life away from the computer.

So far this is what I've done:
  • Slept 10 hours, two days in a row!
  • Went shopping for more-professional clothes and spent over $600. I NEVER EVER do that. I don't like it, it didn't' feel good, I'm still a bit in shock over it. Let's never discuss it again, k?
  • Discovered you can buy a garbage can for $199. A GARBAGE CAN. That just holds your trash-it doesn't take it out to the street on Thursday night. It doesn't clear out any smells produced by your garbage. It doesn't talk to you or tell you that you look pretty today. Just sits in one spot and HOLDS YOUR TRASH. Rich people are ridiculous. (note that you have to buy special garbage bags at 67cents each)

  • Played games with friends.
  • Read two books -which is one more than I read in last 5 months.
  • Started the process of removing the moss that was taking over my roof. I didn't do it myself, mind you, climbing on the roof terrifies me.

  • Got my hair cut and colored.
  • Gone out to bingo at the bar, where my friend won (the prizes are things you would find if evacuating a nursing home).

  • Got recertified as a therapeutic foster parent.
  • Did a bit of yardwork (I swear I could hear all the neighbors cheering).
  • Hung out in Portland with a couple friends, where we drove to random places, had no agenda, and just enjoyed the sunshine.
FREE HUGS!!!! Get em while they last!

Father and son band at the Saturday Market? Looks a bit like Ted "anarchy forever" Kaczynski...

Food Cart Love

PB&J Fries: yummy fries dripping in a killer peanut sauce with a raspberry compote (it was decided that we would have preferred no J on ours). It's uniquely Portland.
With less than a week to go - I am feeling more relaxed and at a good point to start my new job - with my orientation in New York very soon, and then hopefully off to Asia in the next few months!
And like the Beastie Boys: I'm on location, touring across the nation - Beastie Boys  always on vacation (for 6 more days anyway).
I've been singing this song ALL DAY:


  1. Brian Miller said...:

    i would love to go hang out with that father son in the market...and have some of those fires....ack...been out of work a few times...hope you fall into something...

  1. LOVE how you are making life COUNT!

  1. Denis said...:

    You scared me saying you were unemployed! Glad it's more like transitioning to new job


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