Eff You, Pollen!

Hey Pollen,
Eff you. Eff you and all your effing pollen-y goodness that is NO GOOD for ANYONE.
I am so sick of allergies. I'm sick of the runny nose, the scratchy throat, the itchy eyes. I'm definitely sick of the stupid allergy pill that if I skip for more than one night suddenly causes me to be a nose-blowing, eye-watering disaster of a human.

Every year around this time-when the weather FINALLY starts getting nice (i.e. stops raining for more than 4 hours and the sun makes a glorious appearance), my eyes get swollen and red, and my eyelids get really dry and disgusting looking. Within a matter of half a day, I go from this:

to this:
I'm not kidding.

When it first started, I bought some allergy eye drops. Those didn't work, so I bought two more kinds. Those didn't work. So I bought three more kinds. I only opened two of them and smartened up and realized that I needed something stronger and went to the eye doctor. Where I got two prescription eye drops-a steroid for temporary immediate relief, and an ongoing type to use for the next 6-8 weeks to prevent the flare ups.

Total spent on all this: approximately $169.00 (not counting the eye drops I can return because I didn't open them).
Worth it? Most definitely!! It sucks when the sun is shining, the sky is beautiful blue, birds are chirping, wild animals come up and let you pet them, butterflies land on your nose - and I can't stand to leave the house because my eyes burn during the daylight and they water like I'm crying and are swollen like I've been crying for hours and hours. And I can't wear makeup, obviously, as it ends up on my hands, my cheeks, the side of my face, etc - everywhere except my nasty swollen eyes.

And so, in conclusion....eff you pollen. I win this battle.


  1. Ann Harrison said...:

    This certainly got my attention! My 15 yr. old daughter has developed allergies recently and it's worse than a cold. It just doesn't end! Tonight I'm researching all I can to figure out how to help her.
    Good luck with your remedies!

  1. You poor woman!
    My middle son suffers, too, and it's awful. How little air particles can cause such misery...

  1. Empty Nester said...:

    Trust me, I feel your pain. And they last so much longer here--fall AND spring. UGH.


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