Happy Birthday to My Pops! (aka The Return to Iowa)

A couple months ago, my aunt sent out an email to everyone in the family except my parents declaring that a surprise birthday breakfast party was being planned for my dad - and my sisters and I set in motion: Operation Iowa Birthday Surprise.

One sister and her daughter were flying out from Seattle.
Myself and her son were flying from Portland.
Our other sister was driving from South Carolina with her husband and two sons.

We all converged on this tiny little town in Iowa on Friday night and spread out at some of the relatives homes (we have a lot of relatives in Iowa). And then Saturday morning-BAM-surprise surprise surprise!
This is a brilliant idea for any birthday that sucks (i.e. 40+).

It worked out perfectly! Here's a video of our surprise party:

And some random wonderful photos.

It has been years and years since this group has been together.
(and sadly this group photo is missing the two boys who are away at college)

This is an Iowa back porch.

Its fun taking photos of ourselves...there were 8 people standing nearby who could have taken this photo with her camera.

My beloved niece and my beloved Uncle Jerry - he's like a big teddy bear. Kinda like Ted....

Wanna know what Iowa looks like? It's this view. Everywhere. Flat flat flat. Lots of farms and fields. And flat.
Photobombing dog.

Not just one time either!
SO pretty!

This is my favorite 2 yr old right now. All round things are apples. I fed her an orange and called it an apple. I also wanted to hear her cry and some people thought that was mean....I didn't want her to be hurt, I just wanted to see how she cries cause it's kinda cute (for the first 30 seconds). On our last night, she cried for me when her mom wouldn't let her pick up the 8lb bowling ball. She came to me for comfort and it was perfect.

I haven't seen my cousin Michelle since 1990. She's WAY older now, with a husband, three kids AND a grandbaby. Yikes!

We worked on this puzzle for about an hour. The baby destroyed it in about 90 seconds.

LOTS of laughs were had by all!
Unrelated to the party completely - my parents house has an unused attic space that has these super steep stairs to get up to it. They don't plan on using the space and the stairway is too steep for anything, so my mom uses it as a bookshelf! GENIUS!!!!


  1. Aw, I bet she was THRILLED by the surprise!
    The bookshelf on steps is brilliant!

  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    wild how dads are always so cool with surprises...but gosh moms are always so happy

  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    It was a wonderful surprise having everyone arrive to celebrate your dad's birthday! We had so much fun. We miss and love all of you.


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