I Love You Back!

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omg, his face...SO serious!! He means this more than anything in the entire world!!

It seems most of my family and a few of my friends range from slightly dislike to extreme hatred of this man - but can we all acknowledge that it is pretty cool that when someone yells "I love you" from the crowd, he takes on the most serious expression possible and lets that person know in no uncertain terms-"I love you back." Leader of the free world, acknowledging random people in the crowd.

There's actually a website about it even: http://obamalovesyouback.com/ - which the white house site actually responded to...love it.

Love is underrated. Spread the love people.

I love you back. All of you who are reading this. All three of you. You are loved by me!


  1. You are a freaking goof and I love you back too!


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