Arrested Development Returns!!!

I don't have I will have to figure out a way to watch it. Oh, if only there were a way for people to share shows via the internet. Oh...if ONLY there were a way...

Chill OUT, Comcast/Xfinity/US Govt - I don't download movies.

But I will find a way to watch it, don't you worry. Cause Arrested Development is ridiculously funny.

At first I was like, meh, it's just goofy funny.

But then I was like, omg, this is pretty intense funny.

And then I was convinced about it-how does the entire world not watch this ALL THE TIME? Like how do birds sing and bees buzz and people just go about their bizness day in and day out without knowing about this comedy genius??

If you're not watching it but ever have the chance, DO IT or forever be a lost soul.


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