Working From Home Ain't So Bad!

Well happy May day everyone!
This is the day when we celebrate...something about labor. And, if you live in Portland, it's the day to protest and spend hours shutting down the streets to raise awareness to a multitude of issues - immigration, labor union rights, homelessness, etc.
And for some, it's the day to celebrate just being alive and free and having nice weather.

I am in a job right now, and at least for the next 16 months, where I get the luxury of working from home. Full-time working from home!!
It's been pretty glorious so far. I slightly miss having an office to go to, and having to get dressed in some kind of work attire, and just being out and about a lot...however, I really really LOVE just being at home!!! I love not having to worry about what to wear and how it looks and if it's appropriate for whoever I might be seeing that day. I love not having to commute for 25-45 minutes before starting a long day of work and then repeating it at the end of my day. I love having the opportunity to take a break and throw some clothes in the washer; or just reading on my bed over my lunch. And I especially love having furry coworkers who sleep next to me wherever I might be working. If I'm in the sunroom, they are on the couch next to me. If I'm at the desk, one is on the back of the chair and one is on the floor by my feet. If I'm at my treadmill desk, they are on the bed. Working from home has been fabulous thus far!!!

Also wonderful - the cost savings! I rarely get Starbucks anymore. I used to eat out about 4x a week (at almost $10 each time!). And I used to fill up my gas tank every Sunday - I've only filled it up two times in the last seven weeks!! And I used to have to pay about $50 out of pocket for parking - and now I sometimes don't take my car out of my garage the entire day.

LOVING this!!!


  1. How nice to work from home--you can save a lot of money--and hassle.


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