Hold On To Your Hats,Folks - I'm Headed to Asia!!!

I've been in my new role for close to three months now and I am loving it!

I love working from home.
I love the work I'm doing.
I love the organization I work with.
I love the software I work with (Workday).
I love not having to get up, rush to get ready only to then sit in my car for 20 minutes to commute to work.
I love wearing anything I want every day of the week.
I love all the money I'm saving on gas and parking and eating out.
I love having my cats as officemates.
I love the low stress lifestyle I now live.

Lovin it all.

And I love the day I had yesterday - planning a trip to Asia! I'm spending 12-13 days in Bangkok, Thailand, and then 8 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In a short time, I will be visiting new worlds, seeing new sites, tasting new foods, drinking new drinks, learning new cultures, and loving being out in the world.

I'll have a watermelon half, a papaya and 3 fresh pears please.

I think a river tour is a great idea!
I'm certain they will arrange fireworks just for me!

Baby monkeys with orange fur? Yes, please!
On the way back from my travels, I'll be flying through Amsterdam. No matter how I plan it, it looks like I will have a ridiculous layover-over 4 hours-and so I figure if I'm going to be stuck there...I should be stuck there! So I'm considering spending the weekend in that city.

My only concern is how exhausted I will be...3 cities in 3.5 weeks is a long time to be away from home!

I will miss my home. My cats will miss me like crazy...Andrew might miss me a tiny bit.


  1. Sounds like the dream trip of a lifetime! Can't wait to hear alla bout it.


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