The Last Unicorn - Or The One Where My Niece Graduates

Once upon a time, a long time ago, my eldest sister had a baby. And the entire family far and wide welcomed our first little girl to the brood. My grandparents have five grandsons-but just the one granddaughter.
She hung tough with the boys, she played in the dirt, she wore skirts but never let it slow her down. She's a tough little cookie. We babied her, but we didn't. We played with her hair, but just let it be a mess when she was having fun.
And that baby girl has gone and done it...she's grown up.
I have a handful of videos from when she was little, but for some reason I got stuck on this clip:
She had been trying to inch her way closer and closer to touch the bird so many times prior to this clip, but she just never stopped trying, and didn't care how many times we told her the bird would bite her -she had a good spirit and just kept pushing on with what she wanted...and that's how she still is today!  
We are all extremely proud of this little sprite - she's just wonderful, so smart, compassionate, beautiful, etc etc...but we miss our little girl. She's just no longer that wee one, she's a full-grown lass. Ridiculous how life works that way, isn't it?
My parents went on this whirlwind US-tour and hit twelve states in 5 days (or something crazy like that). My other sister had a son graduating the week prior, so my parents drove from Iowa to South Carolina to be with him and then they drove to the other side of the US and joined us in Washington for my niece's graduation in less than a week! Crazy retired folks!
Anyway, my niece's graduation was nice - under 150 students, not a lot of songs or speeches, and it wasn't too horribly crowded. It was quite warm and toasty in the pavilion, but it wasn't plane-stuck-on-the-tarmac stuffy.  She actually graduated with an AA from the local community college, thanks to the wonderful Running Start program and now she's heading off to college in the fall. We're so proud of her!!
For those who are entertained by pictures of other peoples kids, here's some photos:
Just one of many "walls of Alyssa" - there is no shortage of photos of this girl!

So pretty!!!
My favorite photo of any graduating friends ever. This setup is awesome.
Eye spy....there are 9 of the 10 graduation attendees pictured. This is before we started sweating.

Proud parents!!!

And proud grandparents!!

This is my family! (plus one girlfriend and one dog)
Nothing strange about this photo.

Grandma love!!!

This little boy won my heart.

And this little girl has my love. Clearly Andrew approves.



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