Adventures in Thailand - Five Days Remaining

I have only been away from home for 10 days?? Is that possible? It feels like longer in some ways.

I've done a LOT in 10 days in Thailand - visited lots of temples, a palace, gotten lost all over the city, eaten lots of different foods, learned a handful of key words in Thai, bought tons of super-cheap souvenirs, had a foot massage that literally left bruises on my leg for four days, crammed into a skytrain so close to people I didn't even need to hold on to anything, nursed my feet of blisters all week long, played Frogger crossing this super busy crowded street in rush hour, etc's just crazy.

(These are all pics from my phone, as I still don't have a cord for my camera)

Riding the sky train at 6pm leaving the business district.


Amphawa Market - the place to go to try tons of different types of food.

The view from my hotel
This is in a mall. Like with real stores-expensive stores-fancy restaurants...and then a clinic on the main floor where you can go from an exam room to the treatment room to the xray room all in 5 feet!

This is my view during the day for about 7 hours. Except for 6 of them, they are all staring at me. I really like every one of these people!!

Tomorrow I might just lounge about and read for a bit. It's the first day in 7 that I haven't had to work about 10 hrs and I'm really looking forward to it. In the evening, I'm going to dinner and a market with some coworkers. Sunday...who knows.
And then Wednesday afternoon I'm off to Malaysia!!


  1. Sounds like it's an amazing trip so far...glad you like the people you're spending your time with!


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