Adventures in Thailand - Photo Edition

This was pretty common to see in the business district - the trees are bound and gagged and forced to grow straight. It's hard to tell in the picture, but they have posts and wires and all kinds of contraptions that are drilled into the trunk of the tree and adjusted to stay with the tree as it grows at the correct angle. It made me sad to walk by this every day, trees don't need to be tied up!

This might look yummy to some people. My supervisor and coworkers loved it. I had trouble even allowing any part of it in my mouth. I can't describe it in any other word other than: slimy.
Also to note, people in Thailand only eat with a fork in the left, spoon in the right. The fork is used to push food around and onto the spoon, you actually eat the food on the spoon. Noodles and meat are cut with the side of the spoon. I didn't know this trick for about half a week and I bent almost EVERY fork I ate with. None of the forks could take the pressure of just cutting so I would eat with one tine bent quite inwards. Knives were never present.

This is at Mr. Donut in one of my favorite malls. Mini-donuts on a stick attracted me into the store (not because I wanted to eat one but because it was ridiculous), but then I saw the name and realized that the name wasn't the most ridiculous thing about this scenario. For the record, these cost about 48cents each. I can't vouch for the taste but they look yummy enough. And who wouldn't want to eat a holething for a snack?

This was our afternoon snack - we had something similar every day. They all came in these individualized boxes. There was almost always one little sweet bread thing and then one bread/dough thing stuffed, either with a different kind of tuna, or pork.

On the left is a durian, which is a very popular fruit. Its VERY heavy and has very thick, hard spines covering it. If it falls on your head, it could kill you, so you don't just go wandering through a forest of durian trees. If you cut it open, it smells like the worst fart imaginable (this is not an exaggeration -they are banned from most offices).
I'm not confident on the fruit on the right, I like to think of it as AlienFruit based on the design.

At the floating market. My guide insisted we arrive early, which was genius. Within an hour, this canal was filled with boats and you had to just sit and wait and wait and wait for others to move. You just sit in the boat, the owner will paddle wherever you tell her to, so if you want to shop at one of the stalls on the far left, she'll paddle that way, and then you just bargain away. I would love to shop by boat every single day for every item I need.

This is outside of one of the million temples that are in Thailand and every time I passed by one I always thought to myself: Free Shoes!!!!

This is in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It's a Buddha statue made entirely of jade. SOLID JADE!!!

This is one of the many palaces for the King. The King of Thailand has over 100 homes all over the country. I'm not sure how the entire population of Thailand loves their government SO MUCH that they aren't even a tiny bit bitter about the crazy amount of properties. It's not like the palaces upkeep themselves...and land is VERY valuable! I was a little bitter and it's not my country.

hahahaha, monks with phones??

A Nike guitar??? I regret not buying it because it MUST be a collectors edition.


Um, people suck the little meaty worm things out of these....I was offered the chance to try them but I had to pass. See previous concern over slimy food.

Every single sign at this Buddhist temple has a pepsi logo on it!!! I was disgusted.

This can be filed under pet abuse.

These are spirit houses and are present at every house and office. Even if you move into a condo or an apartment, you would have one of these on the roof. It protects over your home and wards off the spirits. Some of them are really elaborate. The average price is about $80.
Every day to get to work, we crossed this road. You can see there is a pedestrian overpass at the light, but most people play Frogger and just weave between cars. I love this game!

Grand Palace - it's literally lined with gold!! It's the most elaborate building I've ever seen in my entire life!

Walt Disney would not approve of these tshirts!

This was my favorite place to go! I can't wait to get back there later this year. This trail of people is headed to the weekend market, which is this massive space of booth after booth of anything you could ever want or need. I had the most fun here bargaining a day away.

Me at yet another temple.

This was the most delicious thing I tasted - it's a dough like thing, filled with a salad like thing, with cucumbers, onions and some spices across the top. DELICIOUS!


  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    Wonderful pictures. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. 398What a great adventure you are having. Love you!

  1. Shopping by boat does sound pretty fantastic--and that palace! Holy cow!
    What a gorgeous place--you captured some wonderful images of food, architecture and people.

  1. Bijoux said...:

    Incredible adventure! I'm not sure I'd eat any of those things besides the Holething.....that is hilarious!

  1. Lenore Webb said...:

    I am a holething addict! Send a dozen now. LOL


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