Reflections in Malaysia - Time is Ticking

I found myself back in an Irish bar on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, and I wish I could bring together friends from days of old to join me for a toast.

I have meetings to attend to later tonight and need to get some work done prior, so there's no drinking for me...but if my friends were here-we would share a cold one. That's what friends do, right?

I don't typically feel the need to have a drink when alone, maybe it's a deep-seated fear that I will love it too much and turn into a drunkard faster than you can wipe the spittle from my chin, or maybe because I hear someone's voice in my head telling me I'm "more fun when I'm drunk", or maybe it's the ever-present calorie count shouting out how many calories are in each beverage (though I snuff that voice well enough when it comes to cherry coke), or maybe it's just that I don't LOVE the taste of most alcoholic drinks.

Anyway, here in this lovely open-air Irish bar, my friends from days gone by would all sing along to the 60's American music playing (odd), we'd make up rules to the cricket game playing on the tvs, we'd whisper about the waiters hovering nearby who always appear to have NOTHING to do and just stand around and wait for you to beckon them over, and then we'd discuss what it could possibly be that waiters in our country do that make them so busy all the time when waiters in SE Asia seem to be on stand-by for your every need. We'd join the older British couple at the table next to ours who are softly signing "bye, bye, Ms American pie..." and soon, the entire bar would be singing along and there would be smiles all around.

But for now....this is where I am:

The emptiness of the restaurant can slightly be attributed to the fact that it's Ramadan and the sun is still up, so 80% of the population is still fasting at this time of day.

But only for two more days, and then I head to the airport for a ridiculously long journey home!
I'm certainly not miserable traveling...but I am ready for my own space, my own foods, my handsome sons smiling face (or irritated face when I start singing "bye bye, Ms American pie..."), and my little furbabies-one of whom has spent almost the entire month of July hiding under the bed or cowering in the corner.


  1. Bijoux said...:

    I am always a little creeped out by establishments that play music from the 60s and 70s. Usually it's places like Big Lots where the merchandise looks that old too!

  1. What a lovely space to sit and reflect on your trip...


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