A Walk In The Woods of Beautiful Oregon

I don't often get a chance to hang out with just my girl friends as a group, so we planned a little hike and lunch on Labor Day (which was ages ago). I thought I picked a nice flat 1.5-2 mile route to walk, but immediately upon leaving the parking lot, we just kept ending up going down down down hill. It was worth it though because we came across a nice spot on the water that none of us knew about. It was a really beautiful day and we got a fair amount of exercise, including the unexpected hills, and then we had a yummy lunch together, just chatting about girl stuff.  We really must try to do this more frequently. I think we underestimate the value of same-gender friends. Especially when you're single, it's easy to feel more comfortable around men who sometimes inadvertently flatter you, and there's no unintended jealous feelings that come up when there are no girls around, and men are fun in some ways that women aren't...but having female friends is so important! We are all going to try to value them more and get together more in the future.
Here's some pictures from our hike in the beautiful Mary S. Young Park nearby.
Walking through the woods....random fire hydrant right in the middle of the trail! I've never been in the woods and come across this before.
Clearly it must be for animals to lift a leg on?

Our amazing river view!

Taking a break in the woods, halfway back up the hill.

There was this really short STEEP trail nearby and young Natalie thought it would be a good idea to challenge herself to run up it. It really was much steeper than this photo portrays.

It was so steep that she couldn't come back down it...so she just kept blazing a trail through the forest and looped back around to find us.

Our scenic rest stop.


  1. Bijoux said...:

    That is so gorgeous. Are there redwoods there?

  1. Pretty hike--and I like how you formatted the pictures, too!


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