On The Road Again - My Return to Malaysia

Back in Kuala Lumpur - land of humidity and heat.

I'm a bit of a zombie at present, but in another 90 minutes I will be starting a week-long training as the only presenter. Luckily, I'm only training three people-yay. In three weeks, I'll be in Thailand presenting to around 18 people, but will have my manager there to assist.

My journey here was fairly horrible only because of my non-stop interrupted sleep pattern. Somehow, I was lucky enough to have a row of two seats together for the first leg of the flight-an eleven hour journey. You can't really lay down much with just two seats, but you can really twist and turn and move around a lot, which makes 11 hours of sitting much more comfortable. I don't know why I didn't sleep well, just didn't. But I did watch three movies, two of which I would highly recommend. One of which I actually remember the name of: The East. Go watch it, it's good!

I had a 2 hr layover in my least favorite airport-Narita. It's just dirty, there's almost NOTHING there and it's uncomfortable. Did I mention dirty? And the toilet stalls are soooo tiny so getting into a stall with your roll-on luggage is literally a climbing adventure. The only food place in the vast part of the airport I saw was McDonalds. And there were huge lines there the entire time.

I asked the gate attendee if I had an empty seat next to me and he said, no, sorry, it's a very full flight, very few empty seats. And then I overheard many other people asking as well. There were quite a number of groups of people flying together and they ended up spread out all over the plane. So it was quite the surprise when we got on and they told us the doors were closing and I found myself with an entire row of three seats to myself. As did the guy in front of me. And the woman in the aisle next to me. I would say the plane was probably only about 65% full, to the puzzlement of all of us. I blame the Narita airport for the confusion...cause I strongly dislike that airport and anything bad that happens can be blamed on that place.

And from there - I was off on a six hour bumpy flight (thank you anxiety pills for helping me through that one) to Singapore. I was able to completely lay down in my three seats, but then my stomach was upset (probably due to being at Narita for two hours) and I didn't sleep well.

Landing at Singapore at 1am, I had a layover of 6 wonderful morning hours. I got quite a bit of work done, did quite a bit of walking, and just hung out for much too long. And then when it was time to go through security at the gate, my 4th trip through security in 20 hours mind you, they told me that my boarding pass was not acceptable and I had to go to the transfer desk. I debated a bit about it with the security folk, holding up the line, and they insisted I trek half a mile through the now-busy terminal to get a new boarding pass. Which I did...and found that my boarding pass was fine....but unfortunately, my baggage ticket wasn't transferred over to this new airline and it wasn't going to be on my flight. Sigh. Awesome.

Trek back to the gate and the lady who sent me off on the hike across the terminal waves me to the front of the line, where I explain that the Transfer desk told me that my ticket was fine. Her response - okay, please come through. Ugh...somehow this must be Narita's fault.

Typically, to win the fight against jet lag, the best thing to do is to force yourself to stay awake NO MATTER WHAT the first day you arrive so that you are on the right time schedule. I just couldn't keep my eyes open though, so I laid down with my alarm set for a 2 hour nap. A 2-hour nap will be just perfect, right? And then I had a great sleep. For eight hours. I missed dinner time, I missed time to adjust to the time zone, I missed an entire weekend due to flying. Thanks for nothing Narita!!!

This morning I will be training my team here in Malaysia and hopefully coherent words come out of my mouth. I have been awake since 3am, having a nice conversation with the love of my life, young Andrew.

I'm pretty confident that I can get back on a good sleeping schedule by just not coming back to the hotel until 8pm. So I'm going to get a massage immediately after work (not a laying down one, just a foot and shoulders one), will do a little touristy shopping, and then have a nice working dinner at a local restaurant.

Did I mention how heavy my eyelids are? Maybe the altitude is higher here..my lids are HEAVY!!

Here's some photo from my trek so far:
The Singapore airport is mammoth. It has these wonderful signs that tell you how far you're going to have to go though - genius!

I've seen these foot massage things all over, but never stopped at them before as I didn't ever want to dig for change to put in the machine...but they are FREE!!! I spent quite a bit of time right here in this chair.
The rules around using the chair (note that some of the words are cut off). I was really trying to capture the rule that you shouldn't get your feet and legs massaged while menstruating.

In the bathroom in Singapore - you can trap your baby in this thing on the wall so you can do your stuff while that child is trapped. Genius!
In every bathroom in Singapore, this is on the wall as you walk out. You just select an emoticon. I appreciate that they say the screen is sanitized regularly. I actually saw them sanitize it so I believe it must be true!
This was my home for about 5 hours in Singapore. Note all the hoards of people waiting with me. Not a popular location at 1am apparently. 

This was on my last flight - I slept for most it but every time I opened my eyes, I saw these knife patterns on the chair in front of me. KNIVES ON A PLANE!!!  (Or maybe they are meant to be seagulls??)


  1. Bijoux said...:

    You always have the most interesting pictures and adventures. I'm not sure I could handle all that travel though. Just flying across country here is a royal pain to me!

  1. Oh what a journey!
    United did the same thing to me in O-Hare--swore the flight was fULL and maybe I wouldn't get a seat--then, amazingly, it was 1/4 full. Idiots.
    I hope your time there is worth the trouble to arrive there!

  1. Denis said...:

    Thank you Kaylen, I loved your travel story and learning about different places. Narita is Japan's main airport I would have thought it would have tons of restaurants etc. I would hate having to go through 4 security checkins. Flying to Canada
    I sometimes have to go through just a second one which I hate hate. I loved the toilet feedback screen you mentioned, very cool idea!!


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