Sometimes Life is Random...And Most Times This Blog is Too.

So much going on lately! And I am leaving the country much too soon to head back to Asia. Yikes. The cats have been a bit clingy since I pulled out the big suitcase. I miss them already....but luckily, I have some great friends who are checking in on them.
I found that my camera has this option of letting me take a self portrait of myself while taking a picture of something else. And I pop in like a little postage stamp, as if I'm proving that I am in a particular location? I don't know why I would want a postage stamp of my face on a picture I'm taking...but it's available if I need it, I guess.

A few weeks ago, I took my foster girl to the local pet shelter (the one where Andrew and I fostered kittens a year ago), and we literally spent two hours there playing with all the babies.

This is why we should all spay and neuter our pets:

Seriously - please spay and neuter your pet!!!
 Andrew and I babysat a young relative before he left at end of summer. Battles were had.

This bucket of Star Wars toys comes in handy! It contains toys that are up to 15 years old.

This last weekend, there was another wonderful local kids fair that my foster girl and I went to, standard kid fest things - rock climbing wall, games and prizes, hot dogs (ew)...and then there was a man making balloon animals. But it wasn't your run of the mill stuff, this man could make ANYTHING. He was the most amazing balloon shaper I've ever seen in my entire life!!

She wanted a purple cat, he produced this cartoon style cat with it's tongue sticking out. She was thrilled with it. I wasn't as thrilled because she spent quite a bit of time having the cat lick me-which meant this rubbery-balloon material repeatedly rubbing against my skin. And I learned that I dislike the feel of balloons against my skin.


  1. Bijoux said...:

    Balloon artists are amazing! I hate the sound of someone rubbing a ballon though.

  1. Felicia S said...:

    WOW! Back to Asia, huh? I am just so amazed by your life! :) :)

  1. I hate the SOUND of balloons. *Shiver*
    Too cute how those boys never outgrow Star Wars;)
    And amen--spay and neuter!!! The world has ENOUGH kittens, thank you very much!

  1. carma said...:

    We recently adopted a kitten from the local shelter. Best decision Ever :-)


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