Hello Again, Thailand! Great to See You, Old Friend

I love so much about Thailand.
It really is the land of smiles - people are so ready to help you or at least treat you to a smile. If you need something while working in Thailand, the staff will do whatever they have to in order to make it happen. They treat guests like royalty, they never want you to be unhappy in their country. It's so refreshing. (who wouldn't like being treated like royalty!).

Just like in Malaysia, I LOVE my coworkers here. I could see working with every one of them every day. They have such great personalities and they make me laugh, and love to laugh with/at me when teaching me their language. Maybe it's more intense for me since I work from home and have no real team (other than the online one), but I just love these two teams so much! I will be moving on to work with other countries soon and I can't imagine that the new teams will be as wonderful as these last two have been.

What I will not miss about Asia - the insane heat and humidity. There has not been one day where I didn't immediately start sweating after leaving the hotel/office. It's been pretty intense, though it is now monsoon season and it's getting a bit better, or maybe I'm just getting used to it?

The rains are so crazy. I'm from Oregon - I am really familiar with rain. But Oregon rain is like stepping under a shower with light water pressure. Thailand rain is like when you turn the shower head to the highest pulse available and point it directly at your face. And leave it there for a long time. It's relentless. You can't just go out in it and do whatever you had planned. The roadways can't handle it, so they quickly start flooding and normally insane traffic becomes even more of a parking lot. Luckily, it seems to only last a portion of the day. In Oregon, it will rain nonstop sometimes for days and days. Here it will rain for 5-7 hours and then be done for 12-24. The roads clear up soon after it stops raining and people go about their normal business.

Everything here is so cheap - it's hard to stop shopping. I keep finding more things to buy. Everything is like $3.00. How can you pass that up?? "That" being whatever it is you are looking at. Cause so many things are $3.00 and you probably will need it at some point. Or maybe it would be a good gift for someone someday. You just can't pass it up!

The food is pretty great - though it's not like the Thai food I have grown to love in America. America is fooling us all. We are not really eating Thai food. Thai people don't even love *gasp* peanut sauce!! It's at every single Thai restaurant I've ever gone to in the states, in multiple dishes. I've found other things to love though. And if you love fruit-you will be happy here. Fruit is so cheap and you can buy it (cut up and in a bag with a little skewer) on almost every block you are on.

Random pictures from my journey:

This made me lol - it's a helping point. For Swiss people. I've never seen any other country offering a helping point. Luckily, I wasn't in need of help as my Swiss accent isn't quite perfected yet.

This is the pad thai from my hotel restaurant. It's cooked up just like normal, wonderful pad thai, and then they wrap it up in this lovely flattened fried egg package. It's divine. I had it twice. I wish there was a place at home that would make it just like this!

This is the guy from the movie, Ratatouille. He looked just liked him, did dances around his big skillet, cooked with flair, sang with an Italian accent (though he was singing Gypsy Kings-a spanish band), and he was the star of the market. I watched him for about 20 minutes. He was pretty entertaining.

Train doors have advertisements on them. This might have been one for vegetables in general. It was a bit disturbing. 

Asiatique is a newer place to go shopping. It's got a great market, a ferris wheel, random festivals going on and open bars with live music. I met my friend here for dinner, drinks and strolling and had a fabulous first weekend back to the country.
This is one of the shops I wanted to go into. My friend looked at it and said, we can not. It's closed right now. Can you see how she would know?
Of course - the chair and stool are blocking the entrance to go inside. Hence, it's closed!!

These airports reminded me of my mom - we had these growing up at any outdoor event. This booth just screamed out "This is your childhood." Too bad it was closed up tight and I couldn't explore.

My friend and I were bedazzled by the size of the beers that were served at the table next to ours. I asked if I could take a picture of it, as my friend was doing the same on the other side of the table...of the beer glass. My girl pushed the glass forward, fixed her hair and then leaned in. I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't need a photo of her...so we'll give her a little internet love here.

This is the most delicious chicken I might have ever eaten.

Salmon, avocado, squid cake. My friend graciously ate the squid portion - the rest was delicious!
These shorts...they have such great phrases like:
No dude!
Take your passion
What a feeling
No duh!
This creme brulee has welcomed me to Thailand on my first night both times I've come here. 

Be Careful Bag!

Graffiti wall in the market - love it!! It's a chalk board. And note the panda on the telephone pole on the left. 
Stay tuned for my trip to a fertility shrine..


  1. Bijoux said...:

    I love reading about your travels and learning so much. What a hoot about the lack of peanut sauce!

    And now I'm curious about what you bought for $3. Is it quality stuff or dollar stuff stuff?

  1. I'm so loving your posts about these trips, but they make me SO HUNGRY!!!


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