Note To Self: There Really Are Bad People in This World

Its easy to be trusting and assume you’re surrounded by only good people.

And then you learn otherwise. I have learned this lesson many times in the past, so I have no excuse for being so trusting, but I just don’t want to live in a world where I am constantly worrying. Worrying about who might steal my car on one of the many times that I forget to lock it, or who might pickpocket the $20 bill in my coat pocket in a crowd. I just can’t. The only thing that matters is our life, not our stuff….so as long as my life is not at stake, I shall not live in fear. (except when it comes to my Andrew-and then Mama instincts kick in and I fear/rage against everything to keep him safe and happy).

And so it goes….my trust was a bit betrayed my first week in Malaysia. Malaysia is such a peaceful, slow-paced, laid back country… I don’t know if my own little suburb feels as safe as Malaysia. I love the Malaysian people, the culture, the language, the way they view life, the beautiful countryside. Almost everything is wonderful about Malaysia.

There are just a few things that really suck about Malaysia though.
The driving kinda sucks. I know there are many countries out there where it’s worse, but I just don’t know how there are not fiery car crashes every 52 feet. It’s just this crazy (and slightly amazing) coordinated chaos. Cars don’t necessarily follow the lane lines, drivers don’t EVER check their blind spot (it’s like it doesn’t exist in this country but how is that possible??), and merging is like a magical dance-you just move your car over and somehow you don’t hit anyone.

The climate slightly sucks. It’s just SO HOT and humid. There was never a time in 14 days during ths visit and 12 days my last visit where I went outside and didn’t immediately start sweating. The sun is just excruciating around 1pm. One day we walked half a mile to a little restaurant called Squirrel Squirrel and I am pretty sure we were all close to having heat stroke. My earrings almost melted. We all looked a little like a Picasso painting-drooping eyes, red splotches in random places on our face, etc. It’s just TOO HOT.
And the most important part about Malaysia that sucks is the asshole who stole my beloved new Windows Surface tablet. I don’t know who it was, but someone went into my room while I was at work and stole my tablet, lovingly named Jimmy. The hotel claims that a man came in while the maids were cleaning and told them it was his room and they needed to come back later. So thy left. And then soon afterwards, he left with Jimmy. It’s very possible the hotel is lying and are trying to save face from their thieving cleaning staff.

Regardless, the hotel luckily decided that they would take responsibility for the loss of my electronic, even though they provide a safe for valuables, because their maids did not follow protocol. In the end, although I do not have the same tablet, I am not leaving the country without one completely.
My new tablet itself is the same kind, but with a different (the cheaper version) keyboard, and the plug is not one I can use in the states, but this actually might  be better for my travels-and the thieving asshole did not steal Jimmy’s power cord so now I have two! Almost every picture on Jimmy was on my home computer. I lost some movies that I had copied over to Jimmy and a few short videos I recorded but I don’t think there was much that was irreplaceable overall.
And so now I have my replacement Jimmy, as of yet still unnamed – though Jimmy Choo is a possibility, like Jimmy Two, but a Malaysian name to commemorate its origin.

And some asshole somewhere has my Jimmy….but hey Asshole…you missed a few things. You forgot to steal these items of value:
This coin with some kind of Malaysian value that I had dropped on the floor.

Jimmy's power cord, which was on the desk next to him. JIMMY WILL DIE without it!!!

This $100 hair straightener. Don't have a girlfriend, do you asshole? Cause she would like this!

My jewelry. Right, okay, it's not super high value-but did he know that??

Um...this is my camera. It was in the camera bag next to THE DOOR he walked out with Jimmy. Also in the bag was a bigger about $2000 of Canon goodness was missed here!

Also in the camera bag- a brand new Sony handycam with amazing zoom lens, still in the bubble wrap from the store. All in a convenient black carrying case BY THE DOOR!

My Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner - this stuff isn't cheap, buddy!!!

Anyway - doesn't matter now-I have a new tablet, I don't hate Malaysia, and I'm off to Thailand now (where the new Jimmy will live in a safe if I am away).


  1. Bijoux said...:

    ooohhh.......that sucks! Very strange that he left the other electronics behind. He was either a newbie or just REALLY liked your Jimmy!

    I'm glad you were able to be compensated.

  1. WOW that sucks. I hope Jimmy gets what he deserves for such skeevy behavior.
    I don't know that I could handle all the muggy weather. That would be touch.

  1. Denis said...:

    Sorry about Jimmy. Glad you didn't lose the other cool electronics especially super duper lens. Did Jimmy have a unique number. Serial number etc. You could watch or trace it possibly like below blog

  1. Denis said...:

    In case you didn't know the comments link to add comments is hidden away. I don't if it's because of black background or something else. I found them by
    clicking and dragging my mouse around at the bottom but others may not know that trick


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