Visit to Pulau Orang Utan Island, Bukit Merah, Malaysia

This was quite the adventure! If you want to visit the wonderful Pulau Orang Utan Island, plan to be on the road for a bit. It's about 3.5-4 hours outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There's not a whole lot in the city so you wouldn't want to spend that much time in the area-there's a water park and a resort on the other side of the island, but there's nothing else for miles. I chose to take a bus an hour north of this area via bus, which turned into a 5.5 hr journey, but allowed me to spend a day/night in a beautiful beach area-pics of that later. 
You drive up to Bukit Merah and then you take a 15 minute shuttle across the river to the Orang Utan island. It's a beautiful 15 minutes, blahblah scenery, but more importantly, the temperature drops about 9 degrees AND you get a breeze. It's just so hot here that any reprieve is so appreciated.
Here is a walk-through of this orangutan sanctuary:

Approaching from the shuttle.

At this sanctuary, the bulk of the area is saved for the animals, so the visitors walk through a narrow cage tunnel to see them. It's a bit disconcerting to be in a cage. The orangs would stop and look at you as you wander past - like you were their entertainment.
This is not an orangutan. But they live all over the island and they breed like crazy so there's nothing that the sanctuary can do. The orangutans don't care about them, unless they try to get their food. Look how long this mama's tail is!
This is the feeding tube - one in each section, completely exposed to anyone walking by!
This sign was nearby that pipe, but there really was nothing at all stopping me from passing my water bottle down this tube (other than my extreme need to stay hydrated).
These two babies were wrestling around and playing in their little baby kennel area and at one point were across the kennel from each other. Someone at the far end of the pier (nearby to where this is located) dropped some metal thing on a metal thing and it made a really loud clanging noise and the baby on the right came running over to the baby on the left, who immediately put his arm around him. And my heart melted.
This little baby wanted to play so bad...but the mama just wanted to sleep. I watched him for about 20 minutes, just hopping all over, chewing on things, trying to wrestle...mama just laid there, but always touching him with one of her limbs.

So human like!

This is the biggest orang they have - he was mammoth. I think he's 26 years old...He has the biggest enclosure and does pretty much nothing but lay in this spot every day, and then roams about in other areas at night. They put a girl in his cage hoping they would mate but so far, she avoids him and just stays in the trees until he leaves the area. Arranged marriages are hard.

These are the two year olds. There are three of them, but these two wrestled and romped and made awesome noises and faces to entertain me for about 20 minutes before heading into the shade.

This guy wasn't interested in playing. He just wanted to stay nearby me and the fence...urging me to set him free.

Not an orangutan...but the size of this bee was RIDICULOUS. I'm allergic to bees and I'm certain this bee knew it as he followed me around almost the entire time. The buzzing was like a far-off chainsaw. It's like no bee you have ever seen!!


  1. I like the idea of the visitors being caged so the animals can run free in their sanctuary--what a clever idea!

  1. Bijoux said...:

    I love your photos of their much expression!

    That bee would have freaked me out!

  1. Denis said...:

    Looks like you like simians, searching for them always. That bee does look scary! Hey when will you be back? --> :) :) real question when is next Kaylen game night


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