A Visit to Jim Thompson's House - Thailand Silk Founder

Yikes, I have been home for weeks and still haven't finished posting about my time in Thailand! I'm almost caught up, and luckily I don't have much of a life to blog about back home!

One of the places highly recommended to visit when in Thailand is the house of Jim Thompson. JT was an American who made Thailand  his home after falling in love with all things Thai. He is the founder of the Thai Silk Company, a company providing only the best silk products, at some of the highest prices (from what I can tell).

On a trip to Malaysia at age 61, he went for a hike and was never seen again. Some say he wanted to disappear. Some say he met an untimely fateful death.

His house back in Thailand has become something of a national treasure. Jim was a collector of antiques and his house is an amazing traditional Thai house that made me fully understand why people fall in love with Thailand. I don't love all the antiques - some of the furniture just looks so uncomfortable, but the layout, location, and overall tranquility of the house is spectacular.

Beautiful tree I sat under while I contemplated moving to Asia.
I love how this tree just grew all proper-like just between two buildings.

This is the only place inside the house where they will allow you to take pictures. This woman was our lovely guide and watched us like a hawk with our cameras!
These are actually chairs from China I believe - you heat a fire inside it and the coals heat the seat, which heat your bum! Smart!!


The spirit house in the back of the house.


The backside of one of the five buildings. The city canal runs directly behind it. In Jim's day, he would have used the canal to go everywhere.

In the courtyard of the house is a pond, with some mammoth size fish and some sociable turtles. One of the workers was feeding them chopped up seafood as I happened by.
The employee saw me taking pictures of this guy and without warning, lifted the turtle up by his front legs-something that looks horrifying-and placed him on the ledge for a photo op.

The turtle was not amused and left after one perfect pose.

This woman stands at the entrance and does a very slow beautiful, traditional Thai dance. Behind her is someone sorting silk. 


 I want to live here.


  1. Kaylen's mom said...:

    Love the turtle! The pictures you show of your travels to Thailand do look beautiful and peaceful BUT we don't want you to consider moving any farther away from your parents than you are!! (1800 miles is far enough!!) We love you and are glad you are back stateside. Looking forward to you and Andrew coming to Iowa to see us for Christmas.

  1. What a gorgeous place--to live that entwined with nature would be pretty fantastic.

  1. Bijoux said...:

    Some parts are lovely, but I find all the statues rather creepy!

  1. Unknown Mami said...:

    Oh what a wonderful place to visit.


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