Love of a Furball

I am not a dog person. Nobody would ever mistake me for one.
But there's this one little doggy who I LOVE above all others.
My friend Reggie is the only dog I will pet and hold and walk and feed and even *gasp* willingly let run free in my home.
And that means it's true love right?

Arrested Development Returns!!!

I don't have I will have to figure out a way to watch it. Oh, if only there were a way for people to share shows via the internet. Oh...if ONLY there were a way...

Chill OUT, Comcast/Xfinity/US Govt - I don't download movies.

But I will find a way to watch it, don't you worry. Cause Arrested Development is ridiculously funny.

At first I was like, meh, it's just goofy funny.

But then I was like, omg, this is pretty intense funny.

And then I was convinced about it-how does the entire world not watch this ALL THE TIME? Like how do birds sing and bees buzz and people just go about their bizness day in and day out without knowing about this comedy genius??

If you're not watching it but ever have the chance, DO IT or forever be a lost soul.

The Return of Andrew!

I no longer live alone!

Young Andrew is home for the summer from college.

I'm happy to have him here, he's been my little buddy for almost my entire life so it's strange not to have him around all the time. But when he's home, he's still not around all the time because apparently my little buddy has other friends and is super busy with THEM.

He makes pit stops to be around the house with me though, pieces of each day and night are for us, and sometimes it feels like he never left.

His presence is very much felt in the house though.
There is definitely a manly smell in certain rooms.
The sink always has more dishes.
Noise levels have doubled.
My laundry has tripled in the last week.
My food bill has quadrupled.

And my heart is full.

Racism Makes Me Sad

Sometimes our country saddens me.
I recently had a discussion with a relative of mine about race and equality (after a racist facebook post sparked the topic) and it just makes me sad.

We don't have equality. Is it even possible? Will I be around to see it?
With the history of slavery and oppression in America, how can we move forward?

My cousin was coming from another view of: if we all treat each other fairly, then we will all be equal. A great idea...but unrealistic maybe?

I'm not black. I don't have any black family members in my immediate family. I don't claim to be a specialist when it comes to matters of race.

But what I do know and firmly believe - is that racism is alive, not because the black community wants to keep a division or just because of bitterness and resentment from slavery, but because there are many, MANY, too many racist people in our country.

Racial profiling is real - RIP Trayvon Martin.
Ignorance runs rampant - look at all the ridiculous emails that are forwarded every day by people who don't take the time to verify truth vs fiction.
And then you have social media....ugh, the facebook posts I mentioned earlier - and they came from one of my own relatives, who I have now blocked (I have little to no contact with that person anyway but now I will be sure to keep it that way).

It's just disgusting and disheartening.
It makes me ashamed of our country.
It makes me sad for our youth.
It makes me scared for our future.

A really interesting study was done by Humboldt University - here are the locations of racial tweets produced in a 10 month period of time:
It's a really interesting study - check out the map itself here:
We'll save the discussion about homophobia for another day, but you can also look at homophobic tweets, or disability ones, on the map as well by clicking on the headers once you go to the link.

worth doing...

 "Looks like the Gershwins were booked last night!"

I must do this someday (minus the toilet paper which is just silly).

Working From Home Ain't So Bad!

Well happy May day everyone!
This is the day when we celebrate...something about labor. And, if you live in Portland, it's the day to protest and spend hours shutting down the streets to raise awareness to a multitude of issues - immigration, labor union rights, homelessness, etc.
And for some, it's the day to celebrate just being alive and free and having nice weather.

I am in a job right now, and at least for the next 16 months, where I get the luxury of working from home. Full-time working from home!!
It's been pretty glorious so far. I slightly miss having an office to go to, and having to get dressed in some kind of work attire, and just being out and about a lot...however, I really really LOVE just being at home!!! I love not having to worry about what to wear and how it looks and if it's appropriate for whoever I might be seeing that day. I love not having to commute for 25-45 minutes before starting a long day of work and then repeating it at the end of my day. I love having the opportunity to take a break and throw some clothes in the washer; or just reading on my bed over my lunch. And I especially love having furry coworkers who sleep next to me wherever I might be working. If I'm in the sunroom, they are on the couch next to me. If I'm at the desk, one is on the back of the chair and one is on the floor by my feet. If I'm at my treadmill desk, they are on the bed. Working from home has been fabulous thus far!!!

Also wonderful - the cost savings! I rarely get Starbucks anymore. I used to eat out about 4x a week (at almost $10 each time!). And I used to fill up my gas tank every Sunday - I've only filled it up two times in the last seven weeks!! And I used to have to pay about $50 out of pocket for parking - and now I sometimes don't take my car out of my garage the entire day.

LOVING this!!!


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