Me, Me, Me - All About Me

I should know more about myself. This is what I know so far:
(in bulleted format for your ease in reading. You're welcome!)
  • I am 39 years old, but I'm not sure how that happened...I was 29 the other day!
  • I have an 20 year son (yikes) who is more perfect than I truly deserve. 
  • I live near Portland, OR.
  • I have two cats, just one short of crazy cat lady status.
  • I bought a house four years ago and I would be content to never leave my property.
  • I typically read a book a week.
  • I volunteer at least three times a month -I would do more if it weren't for life getting in my way.
  • I work as a Sr HRIS Analyst. Very few people know what this is...
  • I lived in South Korea for 14 months with my then-9 year old and our cat.
  • I do samarai Sudoku's and find that they are getting too easy for me.
  • I have games nights with friends once a month and frequently kick their asses.
  • I don't like it, but I am very cynical.
  • I am fairly positive and like to be around positive people.
  • Sarcasm is a good friend of mine.
  • I love listening to This American Life and The Moth podcasts.
  • Deep inside, I sometimes have mean thoughts.
  • I often feel guilt over our society and how materialistic and inhumane it has become.
  • I like finding random and weird things on the internet.
  • I am sometimes nosy and frequently stubborn.
  • I love chicken with peanut sauce and would eat it every day if possible. (and if it were calorie free).
  • I would love to work in Excel all day, every day.
  • I have cardiovascular disease and had a stent placed in July 2011. As a result, I get to take drugs galore. And am paranoid about everything. And feel like people are judging me. And I worry about my heart stopping frequently. And have a horrible memory. And am frequently irritable. I'm a ball of fun.


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